Make It Or Break It: Or Lose Your Virginity

It’s almost the end of the Make It Or Break It series, and it seems everyone is falling apart. Payson and Kaylie try to make friends with Jordan, but she doesn’t want anything to do with them until Coach McIntire tells her she needs to work on her social interactions with the team. Wendy in an effort to create more drama sets off the sprinklers in her and Jordan’s room, forcing all of the girls into one dorm room.

We learn that Lauren needs open heart surgery because it turns out her irregular heartbeat is a result of Supraventricular Tachyardia. It will take months for Lauren to recover enough to resume “normal” activities, meaning that she can’t continue training for the Olympics.  Summer returns for extra support, and Payson is convinced there are other options because there were other options for her when she broke her back. Lauren’s dad, Steve, tells Payson about another surgery option from Dr. Walker, but that Lauren isn’t a candidate because she’s an athlete and her heart gets too much stress. Payson decides to take matters into her own hands and goes with Rigo to visit Dr. Walker while he’s on a medical retreat.

Kaylie needs to cover for Payson and aims to get Jordan’s help. They finally hash things out and apologize to each other, and Jordan agrees to cover for Payson so Wendy doesn’t suspect anything. On Payson and Rigo’s road trip, Payson reveals that she’s a virgin, but she falls in love with him for respecting her choices. Rigo and Payson find the retreat, but aren’t allowed in so Payson sneaks in. She finds the doctor, but he still refuses to do the surgery. She calls him out for not being brave. Lauren is finally coming to terms with her situation with the help of Summer and Jake who brings the statue of Otis to Lauren’s room for good luck. Lauren prays and sees a sign in the sky, and Payson visits her. Lauren and Payson make up, and Dr. Walker appears to say that he had worked up the courage and will consider Lauren.

While Lauren and Payson’s luck is looking up, Kaylie is falling apart. Austin gets cut from the men’s gymnastics team and blames Kaylie and their relationship for his lack of focus. He tells her that he has no interest in being “Mr. Kaylie Cruz” and leaves. Jordan calls out Wendy for talking about everyone behind their backs and tells her to be a team player. Later, Payson and Rigo put the tent up in the dorms and she loses her virginity to him.

Next week is the series finale! Will Lauren make it through surgery? Will Kaylie keep her focus after losing Austin? Will Payson keep her focus after losing her virginity? Come back next Monday to find out!

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