Ellen DeGeneres Introduces Her Son Stormy Cashmere, Denies Having Daughter Named Rafter Yellow

Ellen DeGeneres loves, loves, loves surprises, pranks and dares, making her an awesome talk show host as well as the ideal sleepover guest. Usually she sticks to surprising/pranking/daring her celeb guests who comes on the show. Because there’s nothing like seeing a good old-fashioned dance dare. By the way, that’s a thing now, thanks to Ellen.

Last week, Ellen brought her daughter Rafter Yellow on the show for “Take Your Daughter To Work Day.” As much as I wanted to pretend that Ellen and Portia de Rossi have a daughter named Rafter Yellow, I know it’s unfortunately not true. Ellen was just punkin’ her audience and having a little holiday fun.

Turns out she had too much fun because a lot of people wrote in to her and let her know they had no idea she had a daughter — or why hid her daughter for so many years. So she cleared up the whole misunderstanding and admitted Yellow Rafter was a paid actress, and not her real child. Very sad, I know.

Then she introduced Stormy Cashmere, her very mature looking 8-year-old son.

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