Chloe Moretz Plays A Sexually Confused Runaway In The Hick Trailer

Chloe Moretz emerged on the scene as a bad ass when she proudly said the c-word in Kickass at the tender age of 11. After watching the redband trailer for her upcoming film Hick (May 11th), it’s clear that she’s still that same girl who’s trying to let everyone know not to mess with her. Except this time, she kicks it up by a notch by carrying around a gun — and seemingly seducing middle-aged men.

She plays Luli, a 13-year-old runaway, who teams up with grifter Glenda (Blake Lively) to start robbing people. It sounds innocent enough, right? Two blondes, just having a good time with their guns.

Except, TWIST.

They run into a cowboy drifter named Eddie (Eddie Redmayne) who may or may not want to kill them. I’m not trying to leave you in suspense, I honestly don’t know his intentions. All I know is that one second he’s hitting on the very underage Luli, and the next second he’s chasing her into the woods.

Is it foreplay or death play? I can’t tell. Either way I do know that this movie will not make or break Chloe’s career. While some critics are claiming that this will kill it, I have to disagree.

Not only does she have another movie, Dark Shadows, coming out this spring, but she’s also a talented young actress. Hollywood rarely dispose of those after one bad movie. It usually takes a few drug scandals, sex tapes and a night out with LiLo to be written off.

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    • seriously

      So by “some critics” you mean an idiot who says kick-ass is bad despite the overwhelming positive reviews it received not to mention propelling her into stardom? Come on …

    • By Juan

      Saw it. Could not disagree more with a critic on this. Good movie with out of this world acting, especially by Moretz and Redmayne. I’d describe the movie as unpleasant at times but definitely not a bad one AT ALL!

    • gabriel

      So, you haven’t seen the film, you openly admit you have no idea what it’s about… but you call it bad.


      I have an idea. Why don’t you see a movie before you make any dumb generalizations about it? Thanks.