Video: Three Grandmas Make Fun Of The Kim Kardashian/Ray J Sex Tape

video grandmas make fun of Kim Kardashian sex tape Ray JUsually when you have the YouTube video of “Grandma watches [something disturbing],” it ends with the poor old woman screaming and shielding her face and cursing the younger generation for being so depraved. Not so with this hilarious video I found on Reddit earlier today, of three elderly ladies frankly discussing the Kim Kardashian sex tape and poking fun not only at the reality star but at her ex Ray J as well.

This video is the only one uploaded by a YouTuber known as hugh herman, so it could be an attempt at a viral video. The editing is really clean, so the cynic in me worries that it’s an offering from some comedy site. But at the same time, the conversation among the three ladies doesn’t seem forced. The conversation about Kim quickly segues into a discussion of her sex tape, yet they don’t bat an eyelash when discussing how Kim holds Ray J’s penis with both hands or what positions the two get into in their little famemaking home video. These ladies are what Carrie Bradshaw and the rest of the Sex and the City girls wish they could be in their old age.

The video is also the perfect amount of time: Long enough that we see the women watch the sex tape out of genuine curiosity, plus we get a few hilarious quotes.

“You see this on TV?”
“No, it’s not on TV, it’s on the Internet.” [cut to them on a laptop]

“‘Kim Kardashian sex tape with Ray J.’ Ray J who?”

“He’s holding it, or she’s holding it?”

“The end is purple.”

“What’s taking him so long, he’s so young!”

“What is her problem? She’s just laying there.”

“That’s Greek. That’s what the Greeks do, from the back.”

Even if this is a joke, it’s not belabored at all. I’d love to see these ladies get their own series taking on passionate One Direction fans, the Rihanna/Chris Brown mess, or Lindsay Lohan‘s bizarre antics at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner.

Update: And now here’s everything you wanted to know about Teresa, Josie, and Mary!

Photo: Pop Bytes

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    • Phillyfreeze69

      The Grannies were quite matter of fact about the graphic scenes that Kim and Ray J indulged in while making their now famous “Kim Kardashian Super Star” sextape which I purchased for $24.95 plus shipping and handling.

      Kim performs quite well considering that she is not a porn star!

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    • mjsdfi

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