The Ultimate The Secret Life Of The American Teenager Drinking Game

So you just read this list and you’re thinking, “OMG, I’ll be dead by the end of the episode!” No fear. We’ve got you covered with part two of this game. You’re going to chug a glass of water anytime any of the following things happen during the show. Why chug the glass of water? Because odds are only one of these things will happen during the episide and we want you to stay as hydrated as possible. Once again, we like all our Crushable readers nice and alive.

  • Amy addresses the hardships of being a teen mother in high school and tells her friends the importance of using birth control.
  • Madison and Lauren agree their drama’s extremely petty and extremely boring, so for the sake of all their friends, they’re going to stop speaking altogether.
  • Ashley look directly into the camera and says Brenda Hampton’s holding her hostage on this show and she needs a contract lawyer to save her ASAP.
  • Grace asks her mom for tips on giving a satisfying blow job.
  • Ricky apologizes to Amy for taking complete advantage of her during that fateful band camp trip where he took her virginity the first time they hooked-up.
  • All the adults gather together and decide that encouraging teenagers to get married before they complete high school is probably an unwise decision. Therefore they band together and promise that they’ll work their hardest to make their children see the value of continuing on to college before committing to one person for the rest of their lives.
  • Ricky goes to therapy to discuss his abandonment issues as well as to understand to best parent his son.
  • Ben tells his father that he’s almost an adult and it’s wildly inappropriate for his father to eavesdrop on all his conversations. It would be much more healthy for his father to approach him directly with any concerns he has for how Ben’s living his life.
  • Amy and Ricky’s son, John Juergens, files for legal emancipation from his neglectful parents.

(Photos: Wet Paint/Favorite Show)

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    • anonymous

      And talk about something new. This is so old.. #uselessarticle.

    • Drinking Games

      Clever set of rules, but if that YouTube clip is any indication – everyone will be sick of the show long before they’ve gotten buzzed! Why not just break out a beer pong table and have some fun?