One Direction Fans Decide That If They Can’t Be With Louis Tomlinson, They’ll Choose Who He Should Date

Louis Tomlinson Eleanor Calder Hannah Walker Louannah Directioners Twitter

It wouldn’t be the weekend without another One Direction story going viral, but this one highlights some of the more disturbing aspects of modern fandom: Fans thinking that they have the right to comment on (and even change) stars’ love lives. See, a subset of the Directioners have decided that Louis Tomlinson should dump his current model girlfriend Eleanor Calder and get back together with his high-school girlfriend Hannah Walker. They’ve sent photos “in memory” of Louis and Hannah’s relationship to poor Eleanor, and they even got “Louannah” trending on Twitter over the weekend.

It’s really messed up, and what the fans probably don’t even grasp is that rather than endearing them to Louis, this weird level of possessiveness and invasion alienates them from their idol. The Daily Mail is one of the outlets that first broke the story; they spoke with a representative for One Direction, who said,

“It’s upsetting for Louis and Eleanor when Twitter campaigns like this start. I know some of the fans will think it’s a bit of fun, but it’s unnecessary when they are both very happy together.”

Louis also took to Twitter mid-last week and announced,

Truth of the matter is its actually not funny in the slightest. I’m reading through some horrible tweets very pissed off!

Louis Tomlinson Eleanor Calder Hannah Walker Louannah Directioners Twitter

It’s clear he was doing his best to keep Eleanor calm; he tweeted messages like Love YOU! xxxx and thanked the fans who have been supportive. The Daily Mail also interviewed poor Hannah, who is a teacher’s assistant and has no interest in fame or getting back together with Louis. She’s also upset by the fans’ campaign but realizes how awful it must be for Eleanor and wanted to clear the air:

“I felt terrible so I sent a text to Liam [Payne]’s girlfriend Danielle saying to tell Eleanor that I’m sorry if I’ve offended her. I didn’t want to look like an evil ex-girlfriend.”

Now, some fans on Tumblr are claiming that the quote is fake, so take it with a grain of salt.

Real Person Fiction (RPF) has been around for decades, ranging from ’90s boy bands to the cast of The Lord of the Rings. When I was active in the House fandom circa 2006, you had to be vetted to join the LiveJournal communities ‘shipping Hugh Laurie/Jennifer Morrison, because the fans knew how hot-button the topic was. Honestly, it was kind of taboo to admit to making up fan fiction about how these real people should get together. I only read a handful because it soon became uncomfortable to see the disparaging things that people made up about Hugh and Jennifer’s respective spouses in order to justify this real-life ‘ship.

Fortunately, a lot of Directioners on Twitter do recognize that this campaign is cruel. I just hope that the Louannah fans are the exception, not the rule.

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    • Elle Williams

      I am definitely a directioner, and i love louis with all my heart, but I still don’t think fans have the right to torment the girlfriends of the guys! I mean, truth is none of us directioners are ever going to have a chance with louis anyways, so really isn’t this jealousy acting? that since 1D fans can’t have the boys, then no one else can? Don’t they realize that if louis, liam, harry, or zayn (does niall have a gf??) breaks up with their girlfriend and something outrageous happens and one of the “louannah” campaigners gets to date them, that they’ll be treated the same way? not ALL of us can have them, girls. I’m sorry, but everyone knows it’s true. So get offff their backs and just let them -try- to have a normal life! Face the fact that we have no chance and give these girls a break b/c if you were them and you got asked out by one of 1D, wouldn’t you say yes too?

    • Sarah Shifflet

      So true i love louis so much but not like im going to get a chance with him ever neither will most of you guys. Honestly if you guys cared enough for him and the rest of the band you wouldnt bash him about it! If hes happy then let him enjoy his time with her. I bet if he was even apart of 1D and famous you wouldnt be bashing on him for being with her. Give him a break and be happy for him :) i know i am.

    • lauramae Barksdale

      Does Louis Tomlinson model? He’s a beautiful human!!!!

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    • hope_datdirectioner

      I know this is a bit late but i was just looking through and this story makes me proper mad im a really big one direction fan but sometimes this fandom gets a bit out of hand like when they send hate to their girlfriends or think they have a right to decode who they date it proper pisses me off but the worst part is that its 12 year olds who think they have a chance with them its just like one big joke