Fans Turned One Of Firefly‘s Best Episodes Into A Musical

Firefly musical "Our Mrs. Reynolds" The Institution Theater

With Joss Whedon‘s The Avengers coming out this Friday, it’s exciting to hear about some of his other works getting fan attention this week: A bunch of Firefly fans have turned one of the series’ more memorable episodes “Our Mrs. Reynolds” into a musical. Austin, Texas’ The Insitution Theater offers improv and sketch comedy classes, as well as the Live TV Tuesdays program, where they transform episodes into musical form. Here’s what they’ve cooked up:

Asaf Ronen and Michael Thomas have recreated the beloved “Our Mrs. Reynolds” episode from Joss Whedon’s FIREFLY and added original country-style songs in homage to Whedon’s own love of musicals. Songs include the bittersweet Inara and Mal duet, “I Won’t Let You In”, Saffron’s seductive number “Let Me Have My Wedding Night”, Jayne’s comical Toby Keith-inspired solo “Guns and Women” and four more original numbers. Whether you’re a die hard Browncoat or new to Whedon’s genius, you’ll have the time of your life in this reenactment of the Old (Sci-Fi) West.

I actually missed “Our Mrs. Reynolds” the first time it aired in 2002 (stupid baseball), and at the time you had to hope that some fan had videotaped it and uploaded it online; you couldn’t find it on iTunes or livestreaming sites. So for the longest time, I knew the episode only by the quotes and the script that leaked online. It’s one of the funnier Firefly episodes, what with Mal (Nathan Fillion) accidentally marrying simple village girl Saffron (Mad Men‘s Christina Hendricks in one of her first big TV roles), who turns out to be a con artist. The episode also gave us Shepherd Book’s moral judgment of Mal for wanting to sleep with Saffron back when they think she’s an idiot, Jayne’s (Adam Baldwin) love for his gun Vera, and Mal and Inara’s first kiss. Here’s an absolutely classic scene from the show:

OK, one more:

Obviously, Joss has had his experience with musicals, writing the Buffy the Vampire Slayer season 6 episode “Once More, With Feeling” as well as Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog. The one downside to this timing is that he’s far too wrapped up in Avengers promotions to actually see the “Our Mrs. Reynolds” musical, which is too bad; I’d love to see how he felt about songs devoted to one of Firefly‘s most quote-worthy episodes.


Photo: The Institution Theater

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