Chris Brown Tweets Photo Of Self With Puppies In Effort To Prove He’s Not The Worst

Following last week’s dust-up over Chris Brown‘s shady attempts at selling branded Chris Brown (TM) pitbull puppies for 1,000 bucks a pop, the self-obsessed singer has tweeted a photo of himself “being dad” to two adorable pups. As with most things Chris Brown does, this only serves to dig the hole deeper.

You see, the way Chris Brown generally takes criticism is this: he doubles down on the initial behavior, then whines about how he’s being persecuted by sad, jealous haters. And although I was initially blinded by the adorable puppies, I now see that’s exactly what he’s doing here. Legitimate criticisms of his puppy-selling venture include the fact that he’s not a licensed breeder and the fact that it’s irresponsible to breed pitbulls and sell them for $1,000 when countless pre-existing pitbull puppies just like them are killed in shelters each year. These sound pretty legit to me! Maybe Chris Brown should stop being defensive for one second and address these rather serious concerns before rubbing everyone’s faces in the fact that Breezy’s gonna do what Breezy wants to do. Then again, I guess he’s got a shitty brand to uphold.

(Via Twitter)

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    • Speed kills

      Lol. This is his point though. His family dog has puppies while he’s in Australia and then the media claims he’s running a puppy mill. You guys are crazy and he has a right to tell y’all to STHU. Instead he tweets a positive pic of he and his dogs. Sounds like progress to me.