Real Housewives of New Jersey Kid Ashley Holmes’ Bad Makeovers Through the Ages

Last week’s season premiere episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey was a long string of sex jokes and a lot of hate directed at Teresa Giudice. We were absolutely shocked. Not by the events of the episode, of course, but by the fact that there wasn’t more discussion of Ashley Holmes’ new look. Jacqueline Laurita’s naturally dark-haired daughter is now sporting a blonde dye job and lips that seem… fuller.

This isn’t the first time that Ashley has displayed questionable style judgment. In fact, she’s been through about as many bad looks as attempted “interventions” by her parents. Will the blonde last? Will going to Vegas suddenly make Ashley the perfect daughter, instead of a whiny brat? Only time will tell. We invite you to contemplate Ashley’s future by taking a trip down memory lane, and reliving all her other bad makeovers.

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    • Nan

      Do the directors & producers have nothing else to show on TV, ? The Real Housewives of New Jersey has just gotten so trashie/getto, for one, I will not watch that show anymore. I’m note sure who is worse, Teresa,Kathy,Caroline (oh yes Caroline is in this mix, Joe the brother and his wife-opps thats almost the whole show. They are geting rich off of us. I know we all have different taste of shows, but this one has got to go, I have friends that say the same. For sure they are not real housewives, not sure what the heck they are. I will say Carolines boys seem to be with it, they talk nice and I don’t beleive I have ever seen they bash anyone. Real housewives work 8 hours, run their kids to school, make dinner, clean house and try to pay their bills in a tough economy. Goodbye New Jersey………….signing off the airways

    • Julie

      First about Ashly, um? what was she thinking ! the “barbie look” gone terribly wrong ! and now Caroline, i just don’t see what Teresa did thats offensive, it’s Teresa being Teresa, her sons don’t own a stripper carwash? what is the personas attack on her son? as she puts it what i dislike even more is how Caroline became buddys with with Melissa and Kathy who are far worse than Teresa ! i was wrong about Caroline , no longer a fan!

      • Toni

        Melissa & Kathy are not worse, you just don’t like them because you love so much Teresa, that’s all. Caroline has told the truth, although it’s not in the nicest way but either way she told the truth about Teresa. Melissa hasn’t done anything to Teresa, but be young and lovable to her husband and even to the friends because she is not a hater, she is not constantly putting anyone down for not being what they are or striving to be, unlike Teresa is always putting herself on top either with her business, her life, her cookbook and mind you it is cool that she is doing it, more power to her that is great, but now comes when she is mean to others, I say this knowing that when others have their stuff to do or to accomplish here you have Teresa with a nasty look on her face not to please that the other is getting their shyt together, it seems that Teresa wants to be the only one to have something going on. So please, this whole thing about everyone is being mean to Teresa, when in fact she was the one who has been mean to everyone, she is the one who is bully Jacqueline to be her friend only and fuck that who the hell she is to think that no one can’t be friends with Melissa & Joe Gorga or Kathy & Rich Wakilies, why can’t no one be friends with them when in fact they didn’t do any kind of shyt to anyone until Teresa opens her mouth, why is it so many stupid people that just saw it and heard it and still thinks it is all everyone else but not Teresa. You all are pathetic!

    • Teri

      Teresa is a jealous, self-centered witch! I LOVE Melissa, Joe, and especially Kathy’s sister! Give us more of her…she is so funny! Give her her own show! What a hoot!

    • Amy

      I just don’t get the orange face. Who out there finds this attractive?

      • Jenni Maier

        Somewhere out there is her orange-faced soulmate…

    • Heather

      I really hope her mom is bracing herself for the fact that Ashley is prepping to become a porn star. If she hasn’t done so already, it’s coming. Pardon the pun.

    • Huff

      Oh, good Lord..what has this girl done to herself???? She was so beautiful before. All she needed was some minor tweeking in her personality and she would have been perfect. Yikes!!!! Obviously, she thinks she looks good…?? Why do girls do this to themselves? Her family must be worried sick about her.