Patrick Dempsey One Ups Ryan Gosling, Rescues A Car Crash Victim

This Tuesday McDreamy proved he’s more than just kind eyes and good hair when he rescued a teenage boy from a car wreck. I really, really hope as Patrick Dempsey went towards the wreckage ready to be heroic he whispered under his breath, “it’s a great day to save lives.”

Seventeen-year-old Weston Massett flipped his Mustang on a road near Patrick’s home in Malibu, and rather than just call the paramedics he leaped into action, pulling Weston from the car and staying with him until the real life doctors showed up on the scene. Because Massett is expected to make a full recovery from his crash related injuries I thinks it’s ok to be a little jealous that the teen has had a Mustang and his own personal Patrick Dempsey encounter.

It’s unclear whether Weston fully understood he not only survived a serious crash but also got to be rescued by TVs hottest neurosurgeon, but he did know Patrick wasn’t just your everyday good Samaritan because he asked him, “Are you famous?” The lack of recognition could have been because of his concussion or because high school boys aren’t exactly the target demographic for Gray’s Anatomy or Can’t Buy Me Love (their loss).

Proving he’s as thorough in his real life heroics as he is with his TV heroics Patrick also called Weston’s mom to let her know what was going on and even went to the hospital with him to make sure he was ok (he was, having only suffered a concussion and stretched optic nerve). The next time he’s on set he’ll be able to boast to his fellow faux-docs that while they just save people for the camera he saves them IRL. But he doesn’t like the bragging type.

Photo: (Double Crossing)

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