Underage Josh Hutcherson Forgets We’re Always Watching And Buys Whiskey At A Grocery Store

It’s not Josh Hutcherson’s fault that while most of us spent our pre-teen years in DARE learning to resist teenage alcohol consumption, he was already working. At least that’s the excuse I’d give if I were him now that there’s photographic evidence the nineteen-year old star bought booze at a grocery store last week.

Yes, Josh boldly walked into a Ralph’s Grocery on April 18th and walked out with a $170 bottle of whiskey. No brown paper bag to hide the bottle from the paparazzi, no elaborate disguise to convince possible photographers he was just a Josh-look-a-like; a look-a-like comfortably past the legal drinking age.

Now the question remains, why a seemingly smart star who knows his every trip to CVS can be turned into a two page spread in Us Weekly would so blatantly break the law?

Some are speculating his whiskey run wasn’t made for fun, but instead was meant to be a form of political protest. He told TMZ recently, “I think the age to go to war is 18 … so I think the drinking age should be 18 as well.” Maybe letting his nineteen-year-old self buy alcohol then failing to wreak any havoc in the weeks after is meant to send a message to lawmakers that people 18-20 are responsible enough to legally drink? I think he should stick to fighting for LGBT rights and leave the legal drinking age issue to another celeb.

Photo: (NY Post)

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    • Yanna

      You’re an idiot. If you went to any high school in the United States and never had a drink you are a loser. I don’t have one friend that still talks about “dare” and how teenage alcohol consumption is horrible. Grow up. The United States is the only country in the world with such a high drinking age, every where else is 18. You sound like a total douche, he’s human you know.

    • Hunger Games Fan

      What an idiot, he has been given a great movie role and now he wants to break the law and risk someones job! 95%+ honor the law that you may not drink under 21 and I think that it is an excellent law. If he wants it to be lowered does he have to risk someones job and business, then use a fake id which is also breaking the law. I hope he does get a consequence as he deserves it! If a normal teenager did this they would be in big trouble! Moreover if there is a fine I think they should take into account his pay check. He shouldn’t be drinking 43% alcohol when he is an idol to millions.

    • LJ

      I concur with Yanna.

      I come from a country that has 18 for drinking age, I think 21 is too high and probably stems from the prohibition. Quite frankly I wouldn’t want to live in the US, it’s not the land of the free. Land of the strange & unfair laws more like.

      Some countries allow drinking into the low teens and of course some places in europe especially its normal to have a tot of wine with your food at you ages. If you are brought up properly to respect alcohol you learn how not to abuse it. Laws that prevent its use until your 21 etc are silly as very few actually follow them.

    • mandy

      Maybe he was just carrying it for his mom? She shops there a butt load… And at the time, they lived together (kinda) in LA.