Channing Tatum Got A Flash Mob For His Birthday

It might seem like all the possible flash mob locations have been exhausted: there have been flash mobs in train stations, in Targets, on sitcoms. But this Thursday they broke into celebrity birthday parties when Channing Tatum’s birthday celebration was interrupted by spontaneous mass choreography. The poor guy must have thought he was having some kind of stress-induced Step Up flashback.

The mob was organized by Channing’s wife Jenna Dewan to celebrate his 32nd birthday. The couple was eating with their friends at Southern Hospitality BBQ Restaurant in New York City when their fellow dinners suddenly got up and busted a collective move to “I’ve Had the Time of My Life.” To ensure Channing knew the spontaneous steps were in his honor the dancers revealed Happy Birthday Channing shirts under their less festive clothes.

Not to be shown up by the flash mobbers, Channing started dancing too, even lifting his wife over his head Dirty Dancing style (Which might have been Jenna’s plan all along. Very clever.). A flash mob is a cute answer to the question what do you get the incredibly rich celebrity who could buy anything?, but with Channing’s dance movie past and present (because there’s definitely dance-like moves involved in Magic Mike) it seems even sweeter, like when a kid who’s going through a car phase gets a birthday cake covered in hot wheels. I have to wonder, though, if there was at least a moment of panic for Channing when the dancers took off their first top layer to reveal the birthday shirts. A flash mob in a public place connected to your dance roots is cute, throwing stripping into the mix as a nod to your past would just be kind of creepy.


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