Video Gallery: Happy Birthday Jenna Ushkowitz And Harry Shum, Jr.

Today the Glee couple with the best moves and the least drama celebrate their joint birthday. Harry Shum, Jr. and his abs turn thirty today while Jenna Ushkowitz turns twenty five. In the mess of engagements, break-ups and reconciliations that make up the Glee relationship universe Tina and Mike are consistently adorable, always good for a dance heavy duet and an uncomplicated kiss. To celebrate their birthday, here are some of their best Glee moments.

Proving you shouldn’t trust your first impressions. Sweet little Tina seemed so terrifying!

A rare but fantastic Tina solo. Unrelated, if this clip is less than three years old, how can they look so much younger? Seriously, baby Kurt!

Synchronized kicks never looked so fancy.

They should give Mike a dance solo every episode. I love Glee’s giant choral numbers, but this clip just seems so wonderfully uncluttered.


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