Cutegreggator: Adorable Baby Sea Lions For Absolutely No Reason

I don’t know about you guys, but I woke up in the mood to look at some adorable animals…so that was my main goal in coming in to work today.

Unfortunately it’s not ‘National Puppy Day’ or ‘National Take A Picture of a Bunny in a Basket Day’, (these are all First World Problems — I know), so I had to go off-roading a little bit to try to find a theme for a cute animal gallery.

What I discovered: today is ‘National Prime Rib Day’ and also ‘Tell A Story Day’. (Yes, seriously.) So this is me telling you the story of how I decided not to make a gallery of cute cows that may or may not get eaten later in life, and decided to make a gallery of adorable baby sea lions for absolutely no reason.

So, I present to you…today’s cutegreggator post: Baby Sea Lions! If you don’t like it, pull your life together.


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    • val

      just adorable