Kelly Oxford Sells A Movie Script! Cue Immediate Comparisons to Bridesmaids

Congratulations to Twitter celebrity Kelly Oxford, who just sold her first feature film script to Warner Bros. Studios!

The script is called ‘Son of a Bitch’ and in Kelly’s own words, it’s about, “[a] young stoner who tries to maintain her popular party image even after discovering she’s pregnant.” That’s about all the details that are readily available, except that it will be and R-Rated comedy with female leads.

And yesss, don’t worry, the interviewer already asked if it’s going to be anything like Bridesmaids…which is apparently the new required question for upcoming films written for and by women. (She doesn’t say yes or no.)

Kelly lives in Canada with her husband and three children where she is in the final editing stages of her book, and continues to tweet to her 340,309 (at last count) followers.

Congratulations, Kelly!

(Photo: Kelly Oxford’s Instagram)

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