Joe Gorga Talks About Sex So Much That I’m Starting To Wonder If He Ever Has Sex

In a Bravo clip sure to make you squirm in your seat, Melissa Gorga reveals to her husband Joe that she wrote a song about him. And she’d like to play the song for him over the speakers while she stares lovingly into this eyes. It’s as awkward as it sounds.

But not as awkward as Joe talking about the song later on and saying “I can’t believe how hot that song makes me feel. I’m just f***ing turned on.”

If you add this quote to the running list of times Joe turned a conversation to sex, then you’re probably at about one gazillion. Because Joe makes it clear every single week that he has sex with his wife. That they totally do it all the time.

His big announcement in the season premiere last Sunday was that he soundproofed his bedroom in his family’s shore house so the kids can’t hear all the  sex noises. Cool Joe. You have sex with your wife and she makes noise. Welcome to being in a relationship.

Think for a moment about how often a healthy couple talks about their sex lives. Now think about how often Joe talks about his sex life with his wife Melissa. It’s about 1000 times more.

It’s so much more that I’m starting to wonder if Joe’s covering up a lack of a sex life. Just like a high school boy who brags about how much sex he has before being forced to admit to some girl freshman year of college that he’s actually a virgin. If Joe and Melissa have an active sex life, more power to them.

But I’m starting to doubt it based on how often Joe feels the need to tell us.

(Photo: Zimbio)

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