Have You Heard The One About The Guy Who Got Kicked Out Of His Christian College For Watching Glee?

UPDATE: Chris Peterman tells us exactly why Bob Jones University expelled him. It’s absolutely unacceptable. Click here to read his story

So the problem with going to college at a baptist school like Bob Jones University that’s actively working toward returning America to the 1740s is that there are some super ridiculous rules. For example, you can only watch certain TV shows off-campus  like Girls and Breaking Bad and reruns of Real Sex. Just kidding. Those shows are most definitely on the banned list.

Chris Peterman, a student at BJU (insert middle school sense of humor here), claims watching Glee on his computer at an off-campus Starbucks got him in big trouble with the school. So much trouble in fact, that they banned him from graduating by suspending him.

While I think we can all agree that the plot doesn’t always makes sense on the show, I doubt that’s why it’s on their unapproved list. I’m going to take a wild guess here and assume it has something to do with their positive portrayal of LGBT students as well as their openess when it comes to discussing teen sexuality.

Peterman said watching Glee was the last straw for his school when it came to Satan-like behavior. They didn’t use the word Satan of course, but when you read about the horrible, horrible things he did at school this year, you’ll surely understand why I chose to use that reference.

Chris Peterman says officials at the conservative Baptist college began targeting him after he organized a group dedicated to ending sexual abuse. He was cited and given demerits for frivolous reasons like returning late to his dorm and not shaving, he claims. Peterman believes the final straw was when a fellow student saw him watching Glee on his computer while at a Starbucks.

Look if God wanted people to end sexual abuse and stop shaving, he would never have let Schick advertise during Law & Order: SVU. Think my logic is flawed? I’m just using the same common sense that BJU used to make its decision not to let Peterman graduate.

They’re not the only ones that God speaks to. Why just this morning God texted me and asked what I was doing tonight. But I was all like, “um God, it’s already Friday. Don’t send me a pity text because your plans fell through.”

While Peterman has faith that God will help him through this, I have faith that Ryan Murphy will read this story and offer him a cameo on the show. Or a BJ(U) theme week. Either or.

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    • TJA0423

      I would understand more if he had been caught on campus (as stupid as this ruling may be) that the school decided to suspend him for breaking one of its rules, but something about suspending him for doing something not illegal off campus sounds really fishy to me. Are they legally able to do that?

      • Beka

        When you go to this school you sign an agreement saying you will abide by these rules on and off campus. I really do not pity him. He knew the rules and he broke them are they stupid yeah I think so but he choose the college and he has to live with it.

      • Louis Calabro

        Not fishy at all. Simple. When in Rome do as the Romans, or suffer teh consequences,

    • Tim

      No pity for him whatsoever. Just like BYU .if a student goes there he consents to follow their rules. No one made him attend that school. If you don’t like ot don’t go there. It’s pretty obviously a conservative chritian school DUH

      • Dog56

        This is just idiotic. The right of free speech is guaranteed by the Bill of Rights, and by extension, the right to hear and entertain ideas expressed by others. A university should be defending that right, not trying to supersede it in the name of controlling what its students are exposed to. Of course, calling this place a university might be a bit of a stretch, anyway, if you took a peek into the science department.

        This guy wasn’t watching porn, reading Nietzsche, or even watching Caddyshack, fer cryin’ out loud. It’s network TV, and these bozos had better dial back the repression if they want to continue to be relevant.

      • Christopher Peterman

        @Tim: I totally understand where you are coming from.. but just a little bit more background information. When I started attending BJU in 2006 I was a completely different person. Since that time I have seen that God is so much bigger than fundamentalism. I use to be a closed minded bigot but through my experiences in life I have radically changed.

        I attended BJU for three years and then I had to sit out for a year and a half for financial reasons. During that time my worldview changed radically. By second semester 2010 I had saved enough money to go back to BJU … you might ask why did I just transfer? Well BJU is nationally accredited and not regionally accredited. Most schools only accept regionally accredited credits. I did not know this was a problem when I started in 2006.

        So I decided to go back to BJU and just finish it out. I was fine for my first semester, I didn’t received any demerits the entire semester. But first semester of the 2011-2012 school year everything changed.

        I started Do Right BJU (www.facebook.com/DoRightBJU) which is a sexual abuse support and awareness organization at Bob Jones University and I organized the first ever student protest at BJU.

        Since that time BJU, in my opinion, has harassed and stalked me online and physically. The problem with my expulsion is that BJU created rules that were not in the rulebook. There is no rule about a BJU student watching TV off campus.

        They made up rules and gave me demerits for things I didn’t even know was “wrong” … all because I started Do Right BJU.

      • David Miller

        You Idiot

        The BJU Freaks at the Top wanted him out at any cost because poor rapist protector Chuck Phelps had to resign off the BJU board because
        Everyone new then and now that Chuck Phleps is a Criminal Thug just like the so called self decalred Godly men of BJU that would want a Thug on their board like Chuck Phelps.

        I mean really, how can you defend yourself against such random evil that they decide is okay whenever they want to do it like spy on him, follow him at work, make shit up. BJU and their supporters are the dumbest people to ever claim they love Jesus when they can’t even take care of a rape victim but reward a rapist protector.

        Think next time before you utter stupidity.

      • James

        “BJU and their supporters are the dumbest people to ever claim they love Jesus when they can’t even take care of a rape victim but reward a rapist protector.”

        David Miller – Well said. I never attended BJU nor would I EVER. I just think from everyone I know who has attended there it is a sick evil place and there is nothing “Christian” about it.

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    • Kelly

      I live in Greenville, where Bob Jones is located, and a good friend of mine attended briefly…

      While the absurdity is overwhelming, I’m pretty sure they are a private institution and can whatever they damn well please…no matter how much it defies logic, common sense, or the ideas most of us hold about freedom of choices.

      But again, I’d have to say, if they are a private school, they can pretty much do what they what, and require students to adhere to their “morality” ideals.

      It does sound like someone didn’t like the fact that he wanted to be aware of the real world…rocking the boat in this case with bringing up sexual abuse, and watching Glee, well, he should be hung for that.

    • James McDaniel

      this school leabership should read the real BIBLE

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    • Scott

      So Chris what is your view on the bible and Christianity now? How have you changed since 2006?

    • Ray

      I’m a little confused by the headlines being posted about this guy. He posted his demerit record and it looks like Glee isn’t what got him kicked out. Yeah, he got demerits for it, but it looks like the final straw was the “insubordination” demerits. So I’m kinda curious what he actually said/did to them and why he couldn’t just keep his mouth shut for two more weeks before he graduated and then talk all he wanted to. From what I understand, students know what they’re signing up for when they go there and people get in trouble for the same stuff all the time there. What makes this guy so different from everyone else? He broke the rules like everyone else that has gotten booted from there. Sounds like he enjoys looking like a martyr.

    • Louis Calabro

      Respect the schools right to set their own standards. If you don’t like them go some where else, but leave them alone, this is America, the land of the free.

      • Esther

        I know for a fact that Christian schools (and probably some others, as well) state clearly what standards their students are expected to observe. When you choose to enroll, YOU ALSO ALIGN YOURSELF with the behavioral standards the school sets. IF YOU DON’T LIKE THE SCHOOL’S RULES, FOR PITY’S SAKE, DON’T GO THERE!!! How hard is that to understand?
        Private schools have every right to set the their boundaries where they want to, and potential students have every right to decide if that matches up (or not) with the lifestyle they want to live. For many, it IS what is comfortable for them. And the press should just stay out of it!

    • Grant Mitchell

      I’m with a lot of these other posts. You knew the rules and like many other college age kids, you rebelled against them and paid the price. It is a private school and they have the right to set their rules. They are a Baptist school so tight moral restrictions are to be expected. My guess is that it was not your call to attend there, but rather your parents call. I am guessing again that there may have been a reason for this too although it may simply have been in accordance with their philosophy. If I were a parent, I would probably take a good look at ANY school my kid wanted to go to if I were about to shell out hundreds of thousands of dollars in tuition. Pleading your case in the court of public opinion is probably not going to win you any points either. Suck it up, or move out and get a job. And see how long that lasts when you are always bucking the boss.

    • Dan

      Bob Jones University is not, by any means a true institution of learning. It is a propaganda arm for the Right Wing of the Conservative Christian Movement. They make no bones about it. For them to make up the rules as they go along is totally in step with these institutions. The fact that they seem to ask each student to spy on each other should give one pause…… nope, not in this conservative group. Gossip is King here.

    • John

      It’s part of the way it works in this country…this is NOT a public school so they have the right to make their own rules, just as the student has the right to choose which school he goes to…he chose this one (WHY is beyond anyone who understands the term “Higher education”) MOVE ON kid and stop trying to force YOUR opinions, ideas and lifestyle on the same people who are doing the same to those of us who don’t believe in THEIR way, you should be supporting freedom and equality (by giving your money to supportive and equal schools) not giving your financial support to a school that teaches and supports bigotry and hate and outdated social mores) then trying to FORCE them to change

      • James

        I agree, move on to a school that supports equality and freedom. I live in the upstate of South Carolina and this school is the breeding ground of bigotry and hate. There is nothing “Christian”about it. Go to an accredited school Chris :).

    • Richard

      BJU is indeed a private school and as such may set any standards they believe necessary to provide the atmosphere they desire in the student body. I attended a similar school in the early 1970′s for five years. The goal of what others look at as “too strict standards” have behind them the goal of building character and to help (at least a little) to close out a more worldly point of view and it’s overwhelming influence while a student is trying to study and reach an acdemic goal. You are given the rule book before you sign up for school and as others have already said no one forces you to enroll. BTW… I’ve enjoyed a very successful career in my chosen field and much of the regiment I learned at school contributed.

    • Bill Haskells

      First of all, if he organized a protest, were other students involved? If they were, why did the university not expel them as well? I understand, from several students I know, that the protest consisted of Mr. Peterman and….well, that was it. He set himself up by defying a private institutions rules and when they did not expel him for organizing the ” first ever student protest at BJU” he coninued to flaunt the rules. He knew the rules when he attended there and knew the consequences to violating the rules.

      There may not be a specific rule stating a student cannot watch TV off campus, but there are clearly stated rules about the content of what students watch and listen to. He either knew these rules and violated them looking for more publicity or did not care to know what the rules are so he could claim ignorance. Either way he and he alone is to blame for this outcome.

      He is looking for his 15 minutes of fame, so go ahead and go after the school if you need the attention. You wil get some media outlets riled up over this but the storm will pass and the university will weather this one as they have done with all the others. When all is said and done, the university will continue on and you will go back to being nobody, unless of couse you spend the rest of your life looking for “causes” to feed a narcisistic streak……

      • James

        I wish this university would literally close. I can’t even believe people view them as “Christian” they have NO concept of forgiveness and grace. I literally feel evil creeping from the gates off pleasantburg when i drive by and it SICKENS me. I pray for those people to really know Jesus.

    • Jess

      I also attended BJ for awhile. One reason I will never go back except to visit friends would be because of the double standards. I distinctly remember fac/staf kids talking about watching, and talking about their parents watching American Idol and other what would be deemed ‘worldly’ shows. There was often differences in what was allowed for those who lived permently in the area, as a kid of the ‘administration’ or not and ‘dormys’.

      • James

        Agreed. I never went to BJ, but had friends who did. There were a lot of double standards.

    • Gregg Jocoy

      This Saturday on The Daisy Deadhead Show, Christopher Peterman explained how he had been called into spiritual counseling at midnight, how students “turned him in” for watching glee in a Starbucks, and how he was followed. To listen to the show you can visit the show website and listen streaming or download a free podcast. It’s also available at iTunes. The show’s site is http://www.TheDaisyDeadheadShow.com

      A Facebook page was set up named “Do Right Daisy Deadhead” which included the threat “We going to find you” After being on the show, Mr. Peterman went to youTube and created a video he called “Why bully a Daisy?” It’s here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x9ct8VqBxbM

    • Gunilla

      Everyone has got a valid point here: this is a strict consverative Christian school where they have different ideals, values, and rules than people are accustomed to in public schools. we should not treat private and public schools the same. It is true that this guy attends the school and got in trouble, but if you look at this article closely most of it is really heresay and vague. There is no verbatim quote issued diliberently by the school. There is no quote from the school’s rulebook that supports or disclaim that there IS a rule that prohibits watching that particular t.v. content off-campus so who are we to assume all of these conclusions when THIS article did not present more depth into the story? Where is the solid evidence that connects that the school took actions because of this. Give us a line in the rulebook. We are only given the courses of action but not enough indepth facts that answer the “why” questions. We need the have more information before making a solid statement.

    • James

      Yes, this school is a private school. They can do what they please. HOWEVER, why ANYONE would want to go there is amazing to me. They kicked out Billy Graham because he was too LIBERAL! Also, up until 2000 INTERRACIAL dating was banned. I knew a couple who were both kicked out in 2000 just before they passed this because SHE was black and HE was white. I knew a friend who died in a car accident someone came to his appartment and found ciggeretes and they deemed him unsaved for smoking!! I mean really CHRIS PETERSON! Transfer to a real school CLEMSON will take BJU CREDITS or anywhere else and thank GOD you have escaped the CULT. That place is a SICK SICK SICK SICK place to be.

      ALSO, be PROUD you exposed the fact that they were allowing Chuck rapist protecting Phelps to be on the board. AND that he resigned. Again, a sick sick sick sick place. You’re free now to watch Glee whenever you want!

    • WannaBeTarheel

      Doesnt surprise me one bit. This college once kicked you out if you engaged in inter-racial dating. Mostly white and black couples. The policy was thrown out after people got wind of it. I believe this irrational policy will get the boot in time