Why It’s Time To Finally Cancel The Office

I’m not saying anything new here or even timely, it’s just the recent news about all these upcoming changes that made feel the need to reiterate this idea. Writers started composing eloquently written essays on why the The Office should end years ago. Their points made sense then and they make even more sense now. The show that started out so wonderfully witty and smart turned into just another TV comedy with an endlessly rotating cycle of problems and cast interactions.

There’s nothing new or nostalgic left about the show and watching it now, as a former fan, just hurts. I might not be the horse that they’re beating, but listening to Jim prank Dwight for the umpteeth time definitely makes it feel like that.

As much as we loved the characters and their interactions in early years, now they just sadden us. All these people still work there, in the same positions (for the most part) at the same desks having the same interactions day in and day. That’s not funny, that’s just depressing.

While the show still does decently enough in the ratings, I truly suspect that’s because people are too lazy to fix their DVR settings. I know that’s the reason I’m still recording it every single week. If you consider that most people will continue to watch the show because it used to be good and they’re hoping it will get good again, then you have to consider the fact that this show could last on the air for several more seasons.

But it shouldn’t. While I think it’s too late for the show to end on a high note, it could still end on a positive note. Here’s to hoping that actually happens.


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    • Leah

      Completely agree! If Kelly and Dwight really leave the show, it will be so pointless.

    • Megan

      I actually hate James Spader’s character. I don’t find him funny at all and I think he’s really uncomfortable to watch.

    • NotThumper

      Completely agree! I think Steve Carell’s exit last year was the perfect note for the series to end on and they just didn’t take it. While I still love some of the characters and there is the rare laugh out loud moment this seasons’s show has just been off its mark and appears to be dying a slow, painful death. Time to pull the plug already.

    • LCT

      Yep. I just deleted it from the DVR list after 2 episodes this season.

    • Maggie

      I’m one of those people who keeps watching in hopes that it’ll get better… sadly, it hasn’t. It’s almost painful to watch the characters I’ve grown to love have unoriginal, re-occurring story lines that just aren’t funny anymore. Andy and Erin should get hitched, and then they should call it a day. I’m also in agreement with Megan; Robert California was funny for one episode, and now he’s just creepy and awkward. And not in the good Michael Scott way!

    • Janice

      I actually love Robert California, he’s so deliciously creepy! Agree though that the show or at least the writers have reach their expiration date. Without Dwight, and with no Robert I really have no reason to watch. Kelly I could care less about. If she is not in the show I wouldn’t even notice.

    • Yogizilla

      I don’t see Kelly Kapoor as a high-impact departure, TBH.. I think I’ve known enough psychotic women in my life so I may be biased. She’s good in small doses and the whole thing between her and Ryan is rather played-out now.
      Maybe it’s just me but I still enjoy the show but it’s also because I just wait for the seasons to post on Netflix, rather than watch them as they come along. The hopeless romantic in me is happy that Michael and Holly finally reconnected.
      In an ideal world, the show could survive without Michael Scott at the helm. I mean, maybe being with Holly will finally cure his need to have so much attention and be well-liked. Not that it matters since Steve Carrell left and all.. But I think they still have a nice cocktail of interesting characters.
      Things are not quite as bleak as folks seem to write.. But I can understand that it may be better to end a show before it does hit rock bottom.

    • shepard145

      The writing collapsed about 2 years ago.

      The producers lost control of the show,
      failed to replace writers who were clearly so clueless and desperate that they
      detonated show’s vibe by writing all the characters into dead ends. They had nowhere to go. Jim was supposed to be young, bright, romantic
      and funny so they made him into a cowed daddy, afraid of what his wife thinks
      of him. The Pam character was young,
      vulnerable, uneducated, needy and endearing so they made her a over weight mom
      with multiple kids yammering on about babies, sleep and nursing!? Yuck. Even
      creepy Dwight hit a dead end – they clearly had no idea what to do with him –
      making him the building owner with some cash then dropping that line all
      together. The Kelly character was one of
      the best – young, clueless failure who loved to shop and gossip – they turned
      her to character a confusing mush. The
      Ryan character was also fun but all but abandoned …again, no ideas. Obviously Carell saw the disaster in the
      making and walked away before it became an embarrassment. They should forget the last season – they have
      nothing to say.