Taylor Schilling Looks Too Old For Zac Efron, And It Keeps Throwing Me Off

Taylor Schilling looks too old for Zac Efron in The Lucky One Beth/LoganThere’s something that keeps bothering me as I watch trailers for The Lucky One or see its stars walking the red carpet at the various premieres: Taylor Schilling looks just a smidge too old for her co-star Zac Efron.

It nags at me when his character Logan first walks onto the farm and she comes out, swathed in sunshine, and says, “I’m Beth.” It gets more frustrating when I see the two of them on the red carpet and he’s being marketed as all sexy-but-still-playfully-young while she looks serene and unruffled.

Here are the facts: He’s 24, and she’s 27. The ages fit their characters fine: Logan has just finished his third tour of duty in Iraq, and Beth has a son who probably has to be about eight since I’m assuming she had him in a young marriage that went sour. But for some reason, Taylor just seems a bit too old for Zac, and that makes it difficult for me to take it seriously that they’re on the same wavelength. (And no, I haven’t seen the movie.)

I’ve seen this sentiment echoed on Tumblr and sites like Go Fug Yourself; the latter points out that it could either be Taylor lying about her age to be more marketable in Hollywood, or perhaps she simply seems older and wiser than her peers.

In no way am I hating on Taylor or suggesting that she looks “too old” for Hollywood. Maybe it’s because the casting director did such a good job of bringing in Blythe Danner as Beth’s mother and I had some brain fart where I conflated Taylor with Blythe’s real-life daughter Gwyneth Paltrow. Because at the end of the day, Taylor is lovely and was well-liked in the short-lived medical series Mercy. Maybe it’s something off with Zac—perhaps he’s too young for this role. After all, Channing Tatum was 30 when he played his version of a Nicholas Sparks soldier in Dear John. Here’s a photo of Beth and Logan for you to consider:

Taylor Schilling looks too old for Zac Efron in The Lucky One Beth/Logan

Photos: IMDb, Fans Share

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    • Samo

      I keep thinking she looks like Amber Valletta, which accounts for the creeping feeling of older age.

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    • Jess

      I think it’s a mix of the two — he’s got a baby face and she has that probably-got-into-bars-without-being-carded-at-16 look.

    • Nancy

      Thought the same thing, makes me not want to see it, too distracting

    • Autumn

      Blythe Danner plays her grandmother in the movie. Just FYI.
      Saw the movie last night. The movie itself was predictable and not too exciting but Efron and Schilling did have great chemistry.

    • kait

      I had the same feeling when seeing the movie! But above commenter is correct, Blythe plays Nana, not mom to Beth.

    • GIA

      Sorry, but I don’t think Taylor Schilling is all that attractive. In fact in some pics she looks down right ugly. I saw her in the netflix version of ATLAS Shrugged and liked her as an actress but thought she had to be atleast 35. I’m not sure why they would use an actress who doesn’t at least appear to be in her 20′s. She’s OK when she’s glammed up, but without make up – ugh.

      • tiacini24

        Totally agree she has an “older” look, even in short shorts!!

    • Gab

      Taylor Schilling is NOT 27, I had to look her up on wiki and that’s her given age. The whole time I was watching the movie, I kept thinking, she is SUPPOSED to be a cougar right? But then when Blythe plays her grandmother, that is a looooooong stretch. She had a 5-6 year old son and her husband looked about 40+. So, there is NO WAY this girl is playing herself in her 20′s in the movie. It was really distracting, I didn’t know if they meant for her to look THAT old, but they didn’t intend on it. They were reaching pretty hard to show that she was in her 20′s, I can’t believe she “states” she is 27. That is BOLOGNA!

    • scarlett

      The aethetics of this movie were definately off. Taylor looked like she could be early 30′s while Zac looked to be about 20 or maybe 22. The husband looked mid-thirties or close to 40. Blythe Danner would be more believable as Beth’s mother rather than grandmother. Taylor Schilling also was too tall as a match for Zac anad hate to say it, her head seemed too big. When she had the melt down in the garden, he looked to be suffering from second degree embarrassment.

    • Monica

      I agree with the strange age differences. It seems as though you had another “brain fart” though — Blythe Danner did not play Beth’s mother — if you watched the movie, you know that Beth’s parents died when she and her brother were young, and she was raised by her grandmother, played by Blythe Danner. This made the age thing even stranger because in the movie, Taylor Schilling looked about 15 years older than Zac Efron; to me she looked as if she was in her late 30s. And Even if she were around 28, having youngish-looking, 69-year-old Blythe Danner play her GRANDMOTHER didn’t seem right; she looked the right age to play her MOTHER, not her grandmother!

      • ST

        I agree. I just saw it and was surprised to learn she is 27. Casting was wrong on this one. He is always gorgeous and the acting was good, but they did not fit as a couple at all

    • Monica

      Oh — and Beth’s son in the movie, “Ben”, looks and acts a few years older than his supposed 7 (turning 8) years in the movie! It’s just all wrong…

    • Hry123

      I totally agree, she looks like a good 10 years older than him. The love story seemed awkward and unbelievable to me. Not a good casting at all, ruined the whole movie from the get go.

    • ladybella

      I agree I just watched the movie and felt really weird seeing them together on film, th e chemistry was off!!! She looks 40 yrs old

    • tiacini24

      Hey Monica, I totally agree I just recently watched it on DVD and I also calculated her movie age had to be at least 26 or 27 because of her son and Zac’s character is supposed to be younger, he does mention to her grandmother that he is 25. Still, during the movie I couldn’t stop thinking she looked too old for him. I thought she had to be at least 30 in real life, then I googled her and found out her real age. Hmmmm . .

    • Yep! I agree…

      Just saw this movie last night and nice to see that others had the same thoughts as I did…she is quite lovely – but looks more like she is in her mid 30s verses her late 20s – and she was the soccer mom hanging out with her best friend’s son….


    • catt17

      Agreed, not right for the part, totally weird couple and while maybe she was supposed to be older then him, the 2 seened quite weird together. Besides that, I dont think shes that great of an actress either. Her scene where she was crying and then laughing in the garden was just pathetic. Terrible acting!