Lady Gaga Has Skype Sex With Her Boyfriend While She’s Away On Tour

I’m sure Lady Gaga would like to have us all believe she hibernates upside down in her egg after shows when she’s on tour, but there are some pesky rumors going around that she does…well, human stuff. Like opening up her laptop for some sexy Skype chats with her boyfriend.

According to The Sun, Gaga packed up all of her man-friend Taylor Kinney‘s favorite of her undies to wear when they “video-call” each other. “Gaga and Taylor have a very physical relationship,” their source said. “While Taylor will go to see his girlfriend when he can, they are going to be spending a lot of time apart. She reckons this is going to be the best way of staying close to each other.”

As a lady with some experience in long-distance romance, I’m pretty sure this is code for “they are having hardcore Skype sex every single night.” She must really trust him not to take any screenshots!

This is an endearingly normal thing for Gaga to do, missing her boyfriend and giving him a webcam show. The only thing that makes me want to call bullshit on it is this:

The singer has also pinched one of his favourite T-shirts to wear every night while she’s away.

Unlike the Skype sex, this doesn’t sound like something Gaga would brag about to her “friends.” It’s just way too cutesy. And come to think of it, do dudes have favorite pieces of lingerie? Yeah, I guess someone who dates Lady Gaga might.

(Via The Sun)

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