Zac Efron’s Bandaged Hand Is All Part Of His PR Strategy

Zac Efron bandaged hand fan bit him real reasonOn the red carpet for The Lucky One, Zac Efron was rocking an odd accessory: A flesh-covered bandage on his left hand. When asked by reporters what had happened, he smiled and joked, “A fan bit me.”

Obviously it was a calculatedly snarky response, but it had a shred of truth to it: His fans would probably attack him tooth and nail. Plus, it set up the inevitable follow-up articles: Zac Efron Reveals The Real Reason Behind His Bandaged Hand, etc. It’s airtight!

Seriously, it’s all part of this massive plan to make Zac the next Ryan Gosling: Hot but unassuming, the kind of guy who can have a girl latch onto his hand and still shoots out a cocky-as-fuck smile like you see above.

I feel like a year ago, we weren’t talking about Zac at all. We were about five years ago, when Hairspray was out and he and Vanessa Hudgens were having the kind of first-love-breakup that we would all go on to experience. But there was a definite lull in his popularity. Now he’s being rebranded as a sex god who flashes his butt on his balcony, drops condoms on the red carpet, and can skillfully unhook girls’ bras. How can you blame women for throwing themselves at him?

Photo: Keith Mayhew/Landmark/JPI

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