We Would Watch Think Like A Man If It Starred Aziz Ansari In Every Role

Aziz Ansari Chelsea Peretti recreate Think Like A Man poster

Ever since the trailers for Think Like A Man came out, we’ve been rolling our eyes at this shameless bit of marketing for Steve Harvey‘s self-help book of the same name. And we disliked it even more after it dethroned The Hunger Games at the box office. But if anyone could make us actually laugh at this movie, it’s comedian/actor Aziz Ansari. He and Parks and Recreation writer Chelsea Peretti painstakingly recreated the ensemble poster for Think Like A Man, casting themselves in each of the mismatched, scheming couples.

Looking at the two posters side-by-side, I’m struck by how each of the original guys look like such doofuses. Considering that the movie is about these high-class, respectable women acting like dogs in order to rein in their undeserving boyfriends, it makes sense. But it’s only after seeing Aziz stretch his rubbery features into the same look of consternation and “whoops, I got caught” five times over that we loop back to, Ugh, this looks absolutely horrible. How could it beat a dystopian deathmatch starring children?

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