Jack Osbourne Surprisingly Gives His Daughter A Completely Normal, Correctly Spelled, Easy To Pronounce Name

Three cheers for Jack Osbourne and his fiancee Lisa Stelly who skipped the train to Crazy Town and named their new baby daughter Pearl. Yes, Pearl. It’s just quirky enough to ensure she’ll be the only Pearl in her kindergarten class and just normal enough to ensure that she won’t be confused with random produce throughout her youth.

While Jack Obsbourne’s a heir to absolute insanity, we applaud his mature decision  to not give his child a wacky name. Sure Pearl might not garner as many headlines, but it will definitely save on therapy bills down the line.

I guarantee you that naming your child Jermagesty and Pilot Inspektor will not bode well in their teenage years. Especially when Pilot Inspektor asks his parents why they had to add  insult to injury by spelling inspektor wrong.

Also Pearl Osbourne’s just a really cute name. It sounds like the name of a trendy jewelry boutique or a Brooklyn knitting store. So good on you Jack Osbourne, way to make the right decision!

(Photo: Us Weekly)

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    • Fran

      The name Pearl Osbourne really is super cute. Good job Jack!