No Big Deal, Just Amy Poehler and Hillary Clinton Making Your Day Awesome.

The news lately doesn’t always make me the happiest person, but I think this is unequivocally great:

Amy Poehler, well-known for her time on ‘Saturday Night Live’ parodying the former First Lady and Hillary Clinton, well-known for being our current Secretary of State and a certified bad-ass, were photographed hanging out together last night at the ‘Time 100 Gala’.

For me, there’s nothing not awesome about this. Just look how awesomely awesome they are! They’re two strong ladies who are immensely talented at what they do, looking super genuine and happy hanging out in a picture together. And all that even though their fields of expertise could not be more different from one another.

The world needs more of this.

Nice job, ladies. You just made my Wednesday.


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