5 Facts About 16 And Pregnant Star Jordan Howard

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Not to be confused with season 3′s Jordan Ward, last night’s 16 and Pregnant season 4 subject Jordan Howard grappled with the usual financial and emotional issues of being a teen mom… in addition to her mother Kelly, who disapproved of Jordan’s babydaddy Tyler because he’s white. Her episode started pretty far into her pregnancy because the producers knew that the real drama would lie in what Jordan and Tyler would do once baby Chase was born and their families weren’t speaking. And it was definitely one of the more dramatic episodes this season! (Although we haven’t yet gotten to the one where the girl’s babydaddy dies.) Read on for what you should know about Jordan Howard.

1. It’s never really explained why Jordan’s mom Kelly dislikes Tyler, except for the fact that Jordan and Kelly are black and Tyler is white. As Jordan later explains to her friends, Kelly seems to think that Tyler will be at a disadvantage to raise a black son, though they never go into what those projected conflicts will be. Kelly allows Jordan to stay at Tyler’s parents’ place — and they have no problem with her — during her pregnancy because Kelly works the graveyard shift, but she makes it clear that once the baby is born, Jordan will be staying under her roof and Tyler will not be welcome.

2. Surprisingly, there’s almost no discussion on whether or not the kids used birth control, so I’m actually unclear on how Jordan got pregnant. But there is something telling about the fact that Tyler walks around wearing a T-shirt that says I am the kid your parents warned you about. (Emphasis on “kid.”) The producers briefly light on the fact that Tyler is a Dungeons & Dragons enthusiast, but thankfully we don’t have to suffer through any Made-style sequences where they poke fun at Tyler’s nerdy hobby.

3. In several scenes that reminded me of how Jenelle Evans and Kailyn Lowry interact with their mothers, Jordan has poor communication skills with Kelly. Prior to filming, Tyler had used his savings ($300) to buy a crib for Chase, but because they left it at Kelly’s house, she wouldn’t let them bring it over to Tyler’s place. Jordan and Tyler sneak into the house while Kelly is at work and take the crib out piece by piece. Kelly freaks out and leaves Jordan several profanity-laden voicemails, which prompts Jordan to move out and live with Tyler’s family for the rest of her pregnancy. Or maybe she was already going to move out? Hard to tell.

What’s most disturbing about Kelly is the way she lords power over Jordan. There’s a difference between a wise parent chiding their teenager for getting knocked up, and a woman who taunts her daughter, saying (paraphrased), “You can’t get an epidural unless I sign off on it” and “You’re mine, what’s yours is mine.”

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    • Jules

      This was the most disgusting racist episode I have ever seen and I feel bad for baby Chase because his dad CAN”T see him without be racially taunted and almost jumped. And that mom?? ugh get over yourself and your stupid midlife crisis. Your child is having a baby, not you old hag.

    • Allison

      This was one of the saddest episodes I have seen. Who knows what went on in that house once the baby was born and how they started to treat the father. If they act that way on camera what do they do when there is no filming going on?

    • Anon

      If they are back together good for them, I think they are, she supposedly had a facebook page and it was a family portrait. What a horrible episode. I was disappointed at MTV, anytime there’s any other verbal abuse or any type of abuse they share a help page, but when it was plain as day racism they didn’t address the issue at all. If they aren’t together, that boy better get a lawyer and fight for that kid. He said “I just want to look at him” and she wouldn’t let him? Terrible!

    • kk lane

      This was very disappointing and extremely frustrating. The mom, Kelly was crazy and was on a power trip. I don’t think any white guy in their right mind would be going over to that racists house just to be able to see his child, shouldn’t have to. I wouldn’t want my mixed son, half white, in that house. Then Tyler gets chased out by freaking 2 guys, Jordan’s brothers. Karma is a bitch I guess for Kelly, that white baby (unfortunate for the baby) looks just like you. Thanks again Dr. Drew for not addressing this issue on the reunion and as poorly as you barely brought it up. It’s hard for the audience to sit at home and watch people get harrassed on tv like that and the baby dads getting totally made to look like pos’. I see through that though, let the fathers have some rights.