Video: French Campaign Ad Uses Jay-Z And Kanye West’s ‘Niggas In Paris’

In a bizarre but also fairly baller move, French Socialist presidential candidate François Hollande is using Jay-Z and Kanye West‘s epic ode to ascendance “Niggas In Paris” in his latest campaign ad. Is this a good idea?

In an ad meant to stress his concern for the people living in the poor suburbs of Paris (a group with which incumbent Sarkozy has been less than friendly), the song plays over footage of Hollande campaigning in the suburbs and people of various ethnic backgrounds holding up their voter registration cards. This song can make pretty much anyone seem bad ass, but it especially works when you’re watching someone be bad ass while caring about Paris’ poorer residents. I also appreciate the pun they’re making with “that shit cray,” as Creil (pronounced “cray”) is one of the places Hollande visits.

Then again, the title of the song makes me kind of uncomfortable, because white people are not allowed to use the n-word, and using the song in a campaign video amounts to “using” the words in said song, no? Then again: that song is so cool. Plus, I sure do love me some Socialism. For these reasons, I’m going to go ahead and assume they’re using the radio edit version of the song, “Paris.” There. I fixed it.

(Via Pitchfork)

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