Make It Or Break It: Anyone Can Be Kicked Out At Any Time

Day 1 arrives and Payson doesn’t do too great on beam. When Lauren gets up to perform, Payson notices the finger movements that Lauren does when she’s about to pass out, stops her, and tells Coach what’s been going on. Lauren gets cut, and obviously, drama ensues with her and Payson. Wendy does fine in competition, but Jordan falters. Regina says she doesn’t want to do the “Layout Jordan” but that’s all the NGO wants to see. On Day 2 Kaylie is fine, but KP doesn’t perform so well. Payson and Kaylie make the next round, but KP ends up being cut, which she’s actually okay with. Her momager, Shiela, on the other hand freaks out and pulls the race card again on Jordan. At this point, KP disowns her mother. Then we find out that Wendy was really the mole and used Sheila to do her dirty work and snitch on the girls. Jordan is still on the team too, but we still don’t know why she doesn’t want to do that move.

Payson and Kaylie visit Lauren in the hospital, but Lauren yells at Payson for killing her dream. Kaylie says she would have done the same thing that Payson did because they love her, but who knows if their friendship will last!

We’ve only got two more episodes until the series finale. Will the Rock girls reunite? Will we finally see Jordan’s signature move? Who will make the Olympic team? Come back next week for more details!


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