Make It Or Break It: Anyone Can Be Kicked Out At Any Time

Gymnasts are being kicked off the Make It Or Break It Olympic island and no one is safe from the NGO, especially with the new president, Regina Turner, in town. Coach McIntire instills a curfew for the girls during this elimination round and divides the pairs up into different days to perform.

Payson, Lauren, Kaylie, and KP all get assigned to Day 2, which gives them an extra day to practice while Wendy and Jordan are on Day 1 with the other gymnasts that remain unnamed and irrelevant. But Lauren helps Payson sneak out to see Rigo at night, someone snitches to Coach and he moves them up to Day 1. Regina tells Coach that they need to see some kind of super move in order to beat China, and apparently Jordan has a signature move named after her that she never does. The NGO decides they need it, but Jordan won’t do it.

Lauren’s medical condition is still concerning Payson, but Lauren insists that she’s fine and has an appointment with the cardiologist after the NGO elimination. KP’s mom, Sheila, is back trying to stir up trouble and make good with the NGO to secure KP’s spot on the team. In the process, Sheila upsets KP when she says she might represent Wendy and then tells Jordan that the only reason she is still there is because of her skin color. Yeah, Sheila went there.

Then she sneaks up on Kaylie in the dorm and brings up Kaylie’s past with anorexia. She tells Kaylie to watch her back and that KP doesn’t need friends. Meanwhile, Payson finds out that Lauren isn’t seeing the cardiologist for two weeks and thinks she needs to tell Coach that Lauren has a condition, but doesn’t want to take away Lauren’s Olympic dreams. Wendy comes by later with a contract for Sheila.

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