Joss Whedon Snuck A Buffyverse Alum Into The Avengers

Alexis Denisof The Avengers cameo The OtherPart of the fun of Joss Whedon‘s Cabin in the Woods were the surprise cameos from genre stars, as well as people who had worked with Whedon on prior projects popping up unexpectedly. I’m excited to announce that we’ll get a similar treat with the upcoming superhero epic The Avengers. Now, Joss didn’t have too much room for cameos since the movie is already crammed with the famous faces playing the Marvel heroes, but some discerning fans noticed that there is a Buffyverse alum with a small part.

I’ll give you a second to mull over your guesses with these hints: He started out as one of Buffy (and later Angel‘s) sillier characters, which of course means that he went through some really dark character development as the series went on. The actor currently has a recurring guest gig on a show with two Whedonverse alumni. It’s… Alexis Denisof! (Though we’ll always fondly remember him as Wesley Wyndham-Price.)

See, the full cast list for The Avengers was released yesterday, and Denisof is listed as “The Other.” Considering that we still don’t quite know who the bad guys of the movie are, we have no idea what Denisof’s role could mean, though I’m going to slot him in the “ominous” section. It’ll be fun to see if he squares off against Cobie Smulders‘ Agent Maria Hill, since the two actors play co-anchors Robin Scherbatsky and Sandy Rivers on How I Met Your Mother. (Fun fact: Denisof’s wife Alyson Hannigan, a.k.a. Willow, stars on HIMYM, though I can’t remember if Lily and Sandy have ever had a scene together.)

And if it Denisof’s part in The Avengers is indeed a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it cameo, we can be comforted with the fact that someday we’ll get to see Denisof in a more starring role, whenever Joss’ Much Ado About Nothing hits the festival circuit.

Photo: DVD Times

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    • read below for his identity SPOILERS!

      Thanos appears in the mid-credits scene, and his brother, Eros, appears post-credits played by Alexis Denisof.

    • Clayton Roy

      I confirm above poster. He plays Eros (aka Starfox)

    • Tom Daylight

      I can confirm that both posters are talking complete nonsense. There is one post-credits scene (it appears before the bulk of the credits) and while you may hear Alexis Denisof’s voice, you do not see “Starfox” nor is there any suggestion that’s who he’s playing.

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