The Daily WTF: MIT Hacker Turns Building Into Playable Game Of Tetris

MIT hacker building real life Tetris game

I’ve always loved Tetris. My mother wouldn’t let my sister and me have any video game consoles growing up in the ’90s because she worried that we’d get addicted. (Considering how easily I took to the internet when I first went online in 1999, she wasn’t too far off-base.) However, we were allowed GameBoy Colors because we often took eleven-hour flights to visit my grandparents in Germany and having quiet, focused kids made everyone on the plane happy. Much as I enjoyed playing Super Mario Bros. and Pokemon, my true love on the GameBoy was Tetris. The simple puzzle and escalating stakes as you moved up through the levels kept me occupied for hours; as I remember, my longest game in one sitting was 45 minutes and garnered my second-highest score. (I recently pulled out the ol’ GameBoy and beat my top score, because I roll like that.)

All this is to say, I’m really impressed with the MIT kids who hacked a building on-campus to turn its windows into a real-life Tetris game. Apparently the MIT Earth building has been the subject of several creative hacks over the years, but everyone agrees that getting to watch the famous puzzle in real time trumps all other pranks. And it looks like whoever hacked the building set it up so the pieces come down randomly like in the game. Because as you can see in this video, way too many of the “S” and “Z” pieces come down before we get an “I” or straight line to create a tetris.

And of course, this was created on 4/20.

Photo: Eric Nygren

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