Demi Lovato Opens Up About Her Drug Use: Nobody Told Her ‘No’

Let me start this post out by pointing out that Demi Lovato is nineteen years old. Nineteen. She’s also famous, and has been since she was about seven years-old, when she first began appearing on TV.

Now let’s pause for a second. Think back to when you were ages…let’s say thirteen to nineteen. Think about the choices you made, the pressures you experienced, and the disappointments you felt. Then imagine having to share those moments with a world so hungry for gossip that you can’t tell whether they’d prefer you to succeed or fail.

The first part I can imagine. The second part I can’t, and no one else can, either, unless they’ve experienced it.


In a new interview with British magazine Fabulous, Demi Lovato admits to using drugs in the past:

“What I can say is that I was depressed. I would come off stage in front of 18,000 people and suddenly be alone in a hotel room. I’d come crashing down and would try to find a way to recreate that feeling, to stay ‘up’.”

This confession comes on top of previous acknowledgments of her severe struggles with bulimia, self-mutilation, and alcohol abuse, none of which she’s completely comfortable discussing yet. However, Demi did have a few disturbing revelations about how she was able to gain access to such dangerous substances as a teenager:

“Promoters gave me drugs and alcohol in restaurants or clubs. They wanted me to come back so I would be seen there. They were basically kissing my ass [...] I thought they were my friends. I thought I was having fun.”

Now, I’m all for people being responsible for their own actions, and I don’t think anyone would deny that Demi has made some pretty significant mistakes in her nineteen years of life…HOWEVER. She was and is still a teenager. I personally made a ton of mistakes as a teenager…I was just lucky enough not to be offered alcohol and drugs and superstardom just for going out to eat.

If I had, I can’t guarantee that my sixteen-year old brain would have been developed enough to say no to any of it. (Which, coincidentally, is the reason that minors are generally discouraged from experimenting with mind-altering substances such as alcohol and drugs…and superstardom — because their brains literally aren’t done developing yet.) In theory, that is why adults — and specifically parents exist in the world — to make those annoying decisions for their children that are in their child’s best interests, even if it makes them unpopular.

Unfortunately for Demi, some of the adults surrounding her seem to have been more interested in furthering their own careers than in monitoring hers. That’s the only explanation I can come up with for an adult offering a child drugs. It’s easy to forget, because she became a working professional with a polished image at such a young age, but Demi was still very much a child as all this was going on, and it’s important that children are surrounded by positive, supportive influences. Which typically excludes drug-pushing adults.

In today’s society of over-saturation and media frenzy, it’s easy to feel like we know celebrities and that we have a free pass to judge them because their humiliations are more public than ours. But ultimately they’re still humans, and they experience the same fears, insecurities, and motivations as the rest of us, just with much higher stakes. In Demi’s own words:

Being a celebrity can be dangerous. Nobody says ‘no’. That’s why so many end up overdosing and dying. It could definitely have happened to me.”

As close as she may have come to tragedy, Demi is now working hard to get back on track. Last year, she completed three months of rehab and took six months off from performing to focus on getting healthy. She’s embracing her size 10-12 body and has tattooed the words ‘Stay’ and ‘Strong’ over her cutting scars on her wrists. She admits that she still struggles, and that she’s “slipped up a few times, but each time I have learned from it, and it’s become further apart.”

Ultimately, as much as I hope she’s on the right track, I’m not excusing Demi’s choices. I’m just glad I wasn’t presented with the same ones.

(Photo: Fabulous Mag)

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    • James

      Wow a writer on crushable who isn’t a complete moron. Take Note Jenni Maier, this is what common sense sounds like. Nothing like your mentally retarded drivel.

      The suicide option is always open Jenni. No one will miss you :)

      • Amy

        Wtf is wrong with you? Who encourages someone to commit a suicide?

      • Jack Frost

        Normally I wouldn’t encourage suicide, but since we are talking about Jenni Maier, I’d do the same thing as well. She’s what we call a leach on this society. The world would be better off with out her.

        Come on Jenni, Tie up that noose and hang yourself :). Know you, you’d probably mess that up some how lol.

      • Joechief

        James is righ. If sensationalist amoral ethic lacking people like jenni maier were erradicated from this planet, it would benefit this world greatly.

      • Journalist

        If you don’t like Crushable, don’t read it. No one here is defaming Demi Lovato, they’re just reporting the news. If you want celebrity news, don’t complain when not everything is happy fluff. I would think people would be proud of Demi for coming out about her problems and trying to be a positive role model instead of dishonest.

      • JoeChief

        Who says we hate crushable? The laughably stupid and mentally inept writers makes this site rather entertaining. And the idiotic readers who support your fellow idiots? Thats just the icing on the cake. To be truthful we don’t mind a diss. We just call out stupidity when we see it. And this site has it ten folds. Thank you so much for giving your support to your fellow invalids “Journalist” lol. That part just killed me X-D

    • Meghan

      The original article Is from a British magazine. Sizes are different in the UK. No way is Demi a US 10-12. Probably a British 10-12, which I would believe is about a 6-8 or 8-10 in US sizes.

    • courtney

      Who is Jenni Maier and why are people hating on her so bad? That is some dangerous cyber-bullying. Also this is essentially old news. People already reported that Demi did multiple lines of coke like a pro 2 summers ago after a Neon Indian concert.

      • Miss Common Sense

        To answer your question Jenni Maier is crushable’s answer to Perez Hilton. That is if Perez Hilton were an unfunny loser with lackluster writing skills and a really bad sense of fashion. Also someone who makes fun of other people’s moms. Also those reporters of Demi doing coke like a pro 2 summers are go were official null and void after the guy who reported it recanted his story. Don’t you morons keep up on the “news” dumb ass.

        PS: Its not cyber bullying when the person in question is truly evil (AKA Jenni Maier). I for one don’t want her to kill herself. Which dumb b**ch am I going to laugh at when she croaks?

    • Ashley Nichole

      Jenni Maier writes with a fat girl complex I’ve only ever seen rivaled in Stephenie Meyers work. Kudos to Jenni for being an over judgmental turkey neck with Internet access. She’s a rare breed.

      • John Freeman

        Fat girl complex’s are usually more intelligent well worded. Her persona is like the dumb party girl who is tired of being called dumb so she tries to put on an act. Yet in the end her stupidity is hard to hide. Then again you support crushable so I don’t expect you to have common sense.

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    • SimplySardonic


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    • Journalist

      I don’t think the writers at Crushable are in any way inept or stupid they’re simply covering stupid news. Why? Because people like you find it entertaining/it gets web traffic.

      • James

        The fact that you think celebrity gossip is news makes you truly inept and nonsensical. The fact that you support crushable in their fabrications makes you borderline retarded. I’m surprised you haven’t been shipped away to rehab for your chronic stupidity. That’s worse than any drug addiction out there.

      • Joechief

        If her readers are dumb enough to have morons call them selves “journalist” aka have their own authors post under sock puppet names then yes they are pretty inept. Which lame ass author are you again?

        Ps: most of us said that we find your ineptitude entertaining. I guess you were born with a reading impediment eh?

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