Shailene Woodley Is Closer Than Ever To Being Free From The Secret Life Of The American Teenager

The movie The Spectacular Now just cast the Golden Globe nominated actress Shailene Woodley as a teenage girl who changes an alcoholic teenage boy’s life. It’s your basic high school love story and could probably also be called One Last Red Solo Cup.

As excited as I am to see this teen drama unfold on the big screen, I’m even more excited for Shailene Woodley to use this opportunity to break free from the horrible clutches of The Secret Life of the American Teenager.

Despite being a talented actress, her performance on that show comes off as wooden and awkward. While I initially just thought Shailene sucked at  portraying human emotions and feelings, I now realize she just doesnt’ want to be there. Because the girl clearly can act. I saw it with my very own eyes in The Descendants, just like the people who nominated her for the Golden Globe.

So now that she’s starting to get cast in more movies, she’s closer than ever to being able to leave that show. And yes, I typed “that show” with so much disdain becuase I really believe it’s one of the worst shows on television. I’ve never seen a show talk so much about who’s having sex in my life. You never see any sex or even see any foreplay, you just hear people talking about it after it happened.

Person 1: Did you hear they had sex?

Person 2: No I did not hear they had sex. Did you tell her?

Person 1: I’ll call her now.

Person 3: I already know, they had sex.

Person 1: Yes, they did have sex.

Person 2: So just confirming, they did have sex, right.

Person 3: Yes, sex was had by all.

That’s not an exaggeration. That’s probably a conversation that happens at least once in every episode. If you found that painful to read, imagine having to act it out. That’s what poor Shailene has to do every single week. Look at those lines and make them work. It’s close to impossible — and I think her acting on the show reflects that she’s not even trying anymore.

So join with me in praying that Shailene gets cast in so many movies that she can quit this horrible show and move on to bigger and better projects. Also throw in an additional prayer that she learned her lesson about wearing five-finger shoes on the red carpet.

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    • Sam

      wow you are stupid, Shailene will have great roles (if she continue chosing great scripts and directors) since now the biz know and want need to trash her ABC Family show, yep it is not a ‘great’ show by any means but it is a guilty pleasure and she likes working on it (she has friends here like it or not !) and above all it doesn’t forbid her to work on far more interesting, prestigious projects ! So Jenni Maier maybe it is time for you to shut up and maybe trying to find another job, you are just uber judgemental, snotty and not competent.

    • mary

      i totally agree with you Sam!

    • anonymous

      From YOU: I’ve never seen a show talk so much about who’s having sex in my life. You never see any sex or even see any foreplay, you just hear people talking about it after it happened.

      If that’s your reason for hating a’re just a big pervert. So you rather see sex instead of talking about it. If you can’t talk about it, then you shouldn’t be having it. For people like you if criticized how much talk is being said about sex..I’m pretty sure IF THERE WERE SEX SHOWN ON THIS SHOW, you and the other critics will argue about how much sex is being shown on a show about pregnant teenagers. So who won out on that because Brenda isn’t gonna show actual sex scenes so hope your not holding your breath. If you dislike this show because of showing no sex, then I can’t take you serious because this article is remotely disrepectful to Shailene as a human not just as an actress as a human. You can not possibly know what she is thinking about so you saying ‘Shai doesn’t want to be here’ is a slap in the face to her and your reason for not like the show is pathetic.

    • Faye

      Disgusting and biased piece of writing I ever seen. You only hate it because you can’t see nudes.

    • L

      woah…. dunno what bit the other posters in the asshole, but i completely agree with you. and you did not exaggerate on the dialogue….i have never heard the word “sex” used that much in a 45 minute period. the entire show is like a fucking PSA for bad things that will happen if god forbid you have sex.

      • Sam

        hello nobody said this show was ‘great’ personally i much prefer and move shows like the Sopranos, Six Feet Under, Breaking Bad or Dexter which have great writing, great editing and i will not say great acting (because actually the cast of Secret Life is good, they came from movies like Molly Ringwald or Ernie Hudson and now Shailene or shows like the Sopranos) Secret life is just bad in an entertaining way for lot’s of people so it makes in a way ‘good’ in a trainwreck guilty pleasure way, that’s all..not everything on tv is ‘quality’ to say the least even some shows which are praised by critics (biased and weak judgemental self-righteous critics most of the time..) and to say that Shailene Woodley is ashamed of her teen soap who made her famous is just silly, that is all.

    • Claire

      “sex sex sex sex” is just so inappropriate and uncomfortable to talk about. Is it more inappropriate than actually watching sex unfold? Is it more entertaining to watch porn — I guess it is because that’s what it sounds like in this article. The dialogue is choppy and unrealistic at times, but to sit there and type that you don’t like it because is talks about sex so much is crazy. The other shows that you guys watch IE True Blood, the CW shows that actually show the sex you all condone it and get all overly excited about, but a show centered around talking about sex and the consequences from having sex is what it’s really about.

      Another thing, what give you the mind to write as fact that Shailene doesn’t want to be there. Are you Shailene? Can you read her mind? No I don’t think so and if she didn’t want to be there she wouldn’t have signed on for two extra years.

      My point is… IF YOU CAN’T TALK ABOUT SEX, THEN YOU SHOULDN’T BE HAVING IT. If people would actually try to listen more to the message that is trying to be told and less time critique and counting how many times the word ‘sex’ was mentioned, you guys would understand it more.

    • rachy

      i think the secret life is the most unrealistic show ever- besides showing that you can have a normal life even after having a kid when your a teenager. The show won’t be the same without shailene woodley though- and she probably has a contract with the show

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