My Friends And I Got High And Reviewed Some Pop Music Videos (Happy 420!)

Why isn’t that still the lady, how can she have her name? I thought it was gonna be the Selena who got murdered by that chick?

That Selena is over.

Wait, wait, how can she have her name?

Get a new name, Selena.

She’s like a child, does she know there was another Selena who was bigger and better?

Her dress looks like the top of a champagne bottle, with the foil.

They got the Dancing With The Stars people on there, too?

Who are those dancers? Is that two sets of twins?

It’s Willem Dafoe and Dan Akroyd. And the chicks are Helen Hunt in a daring return to the screen, and Rick Moranis in drag.

Woo! I’m sleepy!

Look at her guitarist, he’s hot.

I wonder what you need to do to play in a stage band?

If any of you had bothered to see me play at south by, my bass player…

I was on mushrooms the entire time.

I didn’t know you were in a band!

Why are you so mysterious?

Anyway, the bass player, before flying down to play with us, his other band was playing on Ellen. They’re an old psych band.

You wanna talk about some guy in your band because he’s elderly? That seems mad ageist of you.

It’s Demi Lovato! I’m so excited!

She was on the Disney Channel, I think.

Is she the wrist cutter? I kinda like her because she speaks out a lot about bullying, eating disorders and shit.

Why does she hate the sight of herself?

She obviously doesn’t if she’s propping up on herself.

She obviously doesn’t hate the sight of food.


Come on, son. She’s so cute!

Everything she does now since she had her freak out is so empowering. She’s a good role model for 14 and 15 year olds.

No, no, she’s super real about talking about eating disorders.

I like this song! Is that bad?

I want that coat. It’s a nice coat.

This song sounds exactly like another song, though. “You’re up then you’re down, you’re in then you’re out…”

Oh my God, you’re right.

I hope the best for this little bean. She’s adorable.

Do you guys think I look like her?

Oh my God, she looks like Boy George!

More like Ginger Baker with Boy George’s face.

If she wasn’t wearing that red wig, she’d look like one of those people from the movie Dark City, like the evil pale people who changes reality?

Whoa, that guy’s really into it. (Pointing at band member.)

Those people get paid a lot.

It’s weird that a guy would be into this. If I met you and you weren’t 13 and you were into this, I’d be really freaked out.

There’s not a lot of really good music that’s accessible to this age group.

If I had a kid, I’d let them listen to this.

She’s come out stronger on the other end!

Until she slices her wrists on stage, she’s no Winehouse.

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