In Fun Hunger Games News, Jennifer Lawrence Shows Off Her Katniss Archery Skills On Spanish TV

While you spent this week trying to secretly learn the names of the guys in One Direction, your favorite real life heroine Jennifer Lawrence traveled all the way to Madrid to show off her Katniss Everdeen archery skills on the show El Hormiguero. And she did it in a beautiful dress designed by Victoria Beckham.

Although my Spanish is a little rusty, my eyesight is 20/20. So let me do the honor of translating this video for you.

The host of El Hormiguero wants to know if Jennifer Lawrence is as good at archery as Katniss Everdeen. Joking of course. Because naturally she isn’t that good at archery. She’s just that good at acting.

He challenges her to show him on the show just how good she is at archery and offers to compete against her. The two of them shoot plastic suction cup arrows at fake tributes — and they shoot them poorly. Afterwards they have a good laugh and the host tells J. Law to call him anytime she’s in Madrid again. J. Law polietly smiles and pretends to put his number in her phone. End of show.

And that’s this episode of El Hormiguero in a nutshell.

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