Caroline Manzo Is Acting Like Teresa Giudice Killed Albie And Other Real Housewives Of New Jersey Gossip

The fourth season of The Real Housewives of New Jersey airs this Sunday and we’re already psyched for all the drama. Last year’s season totally dragged because  Melissa and Joe Gorga weren’t quite villainous enough to keep it interesting.

But this season Teresa Giudice is the villain and we already know she’s absolutely crazy. Uncontrollably crazy. Will flip-a-table-pull-a-weave-and-pronounce-cumin-offensivly-wrong crazy. Our drama meter is hitting an all time high just thinking about it. You just know it will come down to her chucking Gia at Caroline Manzo’s head. And Gia will be sing-crying as she flies through the air, all “why can’t you all just get along.”  TV perfection.

A Bravo insider told The Huffington Post that the Teresa situation is just as heated as everyone’s saying.

The rest of the cast refused to do any season 4 promotion with the infamous table-flipper. “It is so ugly between Teresa and the rest of the cast that they can’t even be in the same room with each other,” one network insider tells me. “But this isn’t one-sided, and the hate goes both ways. Caroline Manzo, Kathy Wakile, Jacqueline Laurita and Melissa Gorga want nothing to do with Teresa, and she wants nothing to do with them.”

As much as I love everything in that quote, I hate that Kathy’s involved. She’s such an absolute borefest. I don’t know how she got renewed for a second season. I would prefer they bring back Kim G instead of her. But I don’t work for HuffPo, so no Bravo insider contacted me about this important casting decision.

Regardless of Kathy being there, I still think this season will get us back to Danielle Staub levels of drama. And that’s what my DVR really needs right now. Some real life drama from real life crazies.

Welcome back RHONJ.

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    • JackFrost

      “but instead attack your character, your career and your name. Yes your name.”

      Well what if your character is what sucks? I mean isn’t that like hitler complaining about people attacking his character even though he committed mass genocide? We attack your character because your character is deplorable. Jenni your graduate by mail education isn’t doing you any favors.

    • Larissa

      extremely random hater comment above. LOL

    • Angel

      And Gia will be sing-crying as she flies through the air, all “why can’t you all just get along.”

      This is pure comedy, I literally lmao!

    • Leslie

      I hate what Bravo has done to Teresa and another gang up on a housewife. Its really bullying they do and I don’t know how they can do it and sleep at night.

      Caroline is the worse–she was attacking a kid when she was on Ashlee’s case to Jacqueline of Ashlee not working when her own sons who are older and her daughter is not working. Last but not least is any of the husband working? Just Kathy’s husband who has his gas station. The rest of the men are doing what???? Jacqueline’s Chris business went bankrupt in 2009–what is he doing for a living?? Are their
      houses rented? Joe Gorga has more lawsuits also what is with Joe and Melissa and cheating –do they have an open marriage? Rumor has it they are not lovey dovey and have an open marriage.

      • Dove1999

        If Bravo brings back that low down piece of complete garbage, Daniel Staub, that’s the end of ever watching that show for me. The minute I heard the 3rd season didn’t have her, I started watching it again. She is so tasteless and disgusting I can see why Dina no longer wanted that negative engergy around her and just tossed it aside because who would want a slime like that around anyone. She made the show trashy and disgusting, whereas the others were at least entertaining to watch, to a certain degree. I like Kathy and Riche because, let’s face it, Richie is funny. He’s so goofy. I just wish when Kathy had the chance she would have ripped Teresa’s stupid face off for the ignorance the woman is filled with hatred for everyone. Kathy shouldn’t be so nice to such a bitch, relative or not!! I still can’t believe that woman, Teresa, ever went past the 3rd grade, horrible grammar, horrid English altogether, how awfully embarrassing!!! God awful so called Italian!!! The “I speak dialect.” that was one of the most ignorant things she’s ever stated on the show and there have been soooooooooooo many. She can’t let things go. I don’t know if this is Bravo telling her to keep bringing crap up from the past, but she states she doesn’t hold grudges.. I will crown her with a jeweled one, much more ornate the Queen Elizabeth if she would just hone up to her lies, her deciet, her calculating, her disgusting behavior and the things her poor children are picking up from DRUNK “JUICY” (what the hell does that even mean) He’s sickeningly overweight and ignorant as well. He’s so unattractive.. Yuck when she states he’s gorgeous. I hate to think what she thinks unattractive is. I pray that their kids get a great education and move the hell away from them as soon as humanly possible. That woman and man are insanely nuts. They’re making me not want to watch the show any longer. Sometimes it’s good to see a nice family like Caroline Manzo’s and Kathy Wakilie’s life and kids. What’s wrong with that? The only thing missing is they should have knocked the crap out of Daniel, that was done by wacky Jacqueline. I see why Jacquelines daughter Ashley got the attitude towards her. Her mother is extremely immature. To get into brawls like she did at those trashy joke of what they call fashion shows and what most of America calls HOOKER WEAR, I don’t understand her personality. It’s truly like that woman has no fucking clue. She is the personification of an immature person, her daugter picked up on that and she’s shown it many, many times on the show. It’s almost as if she’s on drugs. Like Xanax or something..She’s not all there. Plus you have to push her to extremely high limits to even get her to react when someone is treating her like garbage. No thanks.. take her off she show. She’s borrrrrrring.. She either starts sticking up for herself and shows some balls or get her off the damn show. She put up with so much shit from Teresa, I couldn’t believe it, plus Daniel. How many times do you have to be beat over the friggin head before you get who you’re dealing with, complete assholes who could care less about you and here she is crying over the so-called loss of a friendship/s… not even close. They were never her friends. They had agendas and it took her forever to figure it out!!! Knock knock, who the hell is there??? Here she befriends psycho Daniel and Teresa and holds them in a regard as if they could ever be true friends to her. They’re assholes true and thoroughly through!!! They never gave a rats ass about her as a friend. She came across as an easy target and they used her as one. Teresa is so jealous of Melissa and her gorgeous family and has a sick affinity towards her brother it’s bothersome and makes you wonder why the hell she can’t leave Melissa alone.I think Teresa’s weird issue towards her brother is gross.. think about it for a minute.. seriously. Kim G is another trashy bitch.. trash, trash, trash..She goes hand in had with Daniel. Teresa has no class at all.Her clothing is ugly, Hooker look is more like it, her 20 lbs of makeup that looks ridiculous for a woman in her 40′s and the horrid example she’s bringing to her kids. They’re going to grow up so fucked up in the head there won’t be a shrink around to help them. Milania is a doll, but she’s acting out on what she hears and see’s her parents doing. She isn’t coming up with this stuff on her own. Jacqueline was right about that part. They do as they see.. sad and disgusting. They should be ashamed of themselves. Joe even has the lovely idea that he won’t do one tad of a bit of time for the security breach of the fake identity license crap he pulled, which he so conveniently wipes under the carpet, yet probably knows, he’s going down. Judges looooooove to put so-called celebutards in your case in jail because you think you’re above the law, YOU’RE NOT!!! We all know it’s a huge offense post 9/11. A Federal offense and he has the Oh I don’t give a crap attitude when there’s a prosecuter out there who wants him behind bars because if he can do that, there’s no telling what else he’s been doing. He’s about as faithful to Teresa as Hugh Heffner ever was to his wife. Never gonna happen.. you must be kidding and she’s one stupid woman. She makes me ill. I do believe they’re living separate lives and this is all for show and the camera until she finally gets the guts to divorce him. She isn’t such a catch herself. She was disgusting to her sister in law and I don’t blame her brother if her never speaks to her again. She’s a horrible person. I feel sorry for anyone that knows her or is in her circle. She and Joe are huge narcissists and that’s all that matters to them. She wasn’t insulted because her cousin and her sister in law and brother got on the show. she wanted the spotlight on her and her alone and she was pissed off because of that.. Case closed. If Daniele comes back.. no more watching for sure on my part and many other of my friends.. I can’t stand that psychotic piece of garbage and as for Teresa, if she starts up again, and you know she will, because she’s always playing the victim and she’s extremely immature… over and out.. will never watch again.. She sucks and Daniel is a pig. I think Bravo really needs to think this out because there are better people out there with more character that can bring more to the table besides her incessant whining damn voice that is beyond annoying. I had to mute my tv when I heard her speak. Jeez, get a speech coach for the love of God.. and as for Daniel, if you want to start a show of pure, utter, gutter trash, than put her as the star on that..She would do well with the likes of Heidi Fleiss .. garbage, hooker, sickening trash like her. Her past in that book is the same person she is today and I believe with all my gumption, she is still capable of doing the same things she did back then. She’s a sociopath..Lies her ass off. Her husband, the one she divorced in the show, I’m sure could tell so many stories about her it could make your skin crawl. she is gutter TRASH AND DISGUSTING.. KEEP HER OFF THE SHOW.. SHE IS HORRID AND SICKENING AND I HOPE TO GOD HER DAUGHTERS TOOK OFF AND STAY AS FAR AWAY FROM HER DISGUSTING TRASH MOTHER AS THEY CAN..SHE’S GROSS….