Did Victoria Beckham Seriously Not Eat Cake On Her Birthday?

Victoria Beckham birthday cake fruit wtfYesterday we poked fun at birthday girls Victoria Beckham and Jennifer Garner, especially Posh for her propensity to dress in severely styled pieces even when taking her kids to soccer practice. But that was all in fun; we figured that to mark her 38th the former Spice Girl would loosen up a bit and maybe celebrate like a normal person. Instead, she tweeted this photo with the caption Birthday lunch!!! such a lovely day!!! X vb Presumably she was out with a group of friends, and the chef made this special dessert for her… but it is literally a plate of fruit.

Like, what happened to eating cake on your birthday? It only further proves that Victoria Beckham is not a human being. And lest you argue that it was just a snack and not her actual dessert, note the “Happy Birthday Victoria” drawn on in chocolate syrup. Which she probably didn’t even touch.

Victoria Beckham Posh birthday fruit cake twitpic wtf

I have so much love for the follower who tweeted back at her, looks like the shiz i feed my guinea pigs because in essence, this represents how much she’s holding herself back. You hear about Hollywood diets being scary-strict, but it’s incredible to imagine that neither Victoria nor her people were willing to let the skinny star off the hook for one meal.

Look, some people like fruit more than cakes for dessert. (When it comes to other sugary dilemmas, I’d take fruit juice over soda any day.) But it was her birthday; it happens once a year. We bet Jennifer Garner had a piece of cake yesterday. And it was probably something that her kids decorated in scrawled frosting. Just sayin’.

Photos: Getty Images, Twitter

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    • TB

      I’d totes take a scrummy fruit salad over cake for my birthday this weekend, that looks delicious.

      • M -

        Completely agree. I seriously dislike cake.