Video: Ted Nugent Threatens To Assassinate President Obama

It’s no secret that Ted Nugent supports republican candidates for president, and also that he wants to be allowed to own all the guns. But while speaking at a recent NRA event, he went a bit far in terms of violent rhetoric. And by “a bit far,” I mean “threatened to shoot the president in the head if he doesn’t like the outcome of the election.”

He was pretty clear about it, too. When discussing the upcoming election (and how much President Obama hates the U.S. constitution), Nugent said this:

If Barack Obama becomes the president in November, again, I will be either be dead or in jail by this time next year.

Now, what could that possibly be interpreted to mean? I guess the Nuge could have a nervous breakdown and end up dead or in jail that way, but I’m pretty sure he was talking about killing the president. And he wonders why some liberals don’t think people shouldn’t be allowed to have hand guns.

I don’t know the ins and outs of the secret service, but I’m assuming they take threats like this seriously, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Ted Nugent was put on some sort of watch list for this. It also seems somewhat hypocritical for him to talk about how much he loves the constitution and American democracy, and then threaten violence if people don’t vote for who he wants them to vote for. I guess Nugent land operates based on different logic than the rest of the world.

(Via WSJ)

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    • Lisa Smith

      Ted U are a disgrace to the US. I do hate u and stop the lies.

    • Quality Products Colombia

      I must have missed where he threatened to kill the President? You liberals are so funny. Such a double standard exists with ya.

      • Brian Cooper

        yeah u think the american people must have missed obama mentioning taking away everyones guns too…he clearly states its their constitutional right to have and bare arms lol

      • Carol Ann Hunigan Booher

        arms not assault automatic weapons designed for military and he never said the first word about taking them away in fact he said he was NOT taking them away ,just wanted like any person with half a BRAIN would want some control.. after all you can have all the guns you want but someone can get YOU in that movie theater….there is nothing wrong with control to keep the idiots from getting guns and anyone who is against control i figure is one of he idiots who DONT NEED THEM

      • Elaine Steskal

        Also the Right to Arm Bears too

    • Quality Products Colombia

      Just to clarify for Ted. He was speaking of what will happen when Obama passes a ban on guns and they come to Teds farm to collect them. If America wants to see a civil war try banning guns, you will get one.

      • Brian Cooper

        the thing is Obama never mentioned taking away everyone’s guns silly

      • Idaho-union-dude

        shhhhhhhh, don’t tell them the truth. They are so cute when they puff up and think they are patriots!

      • Michael Knight

        no, no he wasn’t he was talking about obama being elected. period.
        had nothing what-so-ever to do about guns. had to do with ted’s view of the pres. this comment was BEFORE sandy hook.
        thanks for trying to get off subject.

      • Carol Ann Hunigan Booher

        he said if obama were elected he would be in jail or dead… so how was he not talking about obama being elected::::??????? he needs to be in a rubber room where he can drool on himself

      • Carol Ann Hunigan Booher

        OMG He is not going to take your stupid guns.!!!!!!!! just wants to keep them out of the hands of nuts and anyone who wouldnt want CONTROL, is a NUT

    • Quality Products Colombia

      “The Secret Service interview has been completed. The issue has been resolved. The Secret Service does not anticipate any further action.”

      Read more:

    • Pam Miner

      It was the GOP that voted down the “jobs for vets act” I would not think the secret service will let him go to the state of the uio. I fear for the presidents life.
      Nugent is despicable! Nasty, stupid brute with thoughts of greatness that he will never see or be..

      • Carol Ann Hunigan Booher

        hes a draft dodger what is he even speaking for the military for….he shit his pants before going to the draft board to get out of vietnam the damn coward he is…

    • mike

      You liberals are funny people,stop drinken the goverment kool-aid,it’s embarrassing to real Americans. ted is a hard working man,you should be lucky enough to kiss his boot lisa smith,as far as “jobs for vets act” the demacraps had so much PORK in it to fill Ted farm, place the blame were it belong, this current potus uses the constitution and the bill of rights to wipe his behined on a daily basis,we have more people on food stamps then all of spain.get a clue people

    • antinuge

      i be the last to stick up for this asshole .. but he did not say it.. innuendo mabe.. this is the damned hype that gets loudmouths talking and blameing . concentrate on the real danger.. this man only wants pubicity because hes barely a musician .

    • Carol Ann Hunigan Booher

      why is this idiot not behind bars or in an institutation. what right does this draft dogding, b88tard even have to even speak of the military or our president….he needs to be locked up

    • Carol Ann Hunigan Booher

      he is talking treasons

    • Bob Hersh-geer

      This coming from a guy who refused to go to war so he shit his pants to avoid the draft. He is a two faced lier and a coward. He should be the one put in jail like he said.

    • PlacidAir

      Nugent is so full of shit it spills out all over…. this guy is cracked, big time.
      So when’s he leaving the country? Or shooting himself.

    • Jackie Rufo He didnt threaten the President or anyone else. You drama queens.