Michael Fassbender Stars In Newest Prometheus Viral Video: Meet Weyland Corp’s Android David

Prometheus viral video "Happy Birthday David" Michael FassbenderThe viral marketing for Ridley Scott‘s Prometheus just keeps getting better and better! First we saw Guy Pearce (as Weyland Corp CEO Peter Weyland) giving a TED Talk about the power of technology. And now there’s a new, even more fantastic viral video: “Happy Birthday David,” an introduction to Michael Fassbender‘s android character David from Prometheus.

The Aliens series is one of the few sci-fi franchises to really construct a solid mythology around robot characters. Whereas other films depict robots in cheesy or creepy ways (I’m looking at you, A.I. Artificial Intelligence, with your Jude Law sexbot), Scott gives them pathos and an astonishing degree of realism tempered only by those brief moments where you clearly see the delineation between a human being and an artificially intelligent machine.

Whereas in the other Alien films the androids’ true nature isn’t revealed til the third act, thus showing how well they can pass as humans, we know at the forefront what David is. Even though the David in the video claims that he can “understand, but not feel” human emotions, a recent interview with Collider had Fassbender revealing that during his stay on the ship, David does start to develop his own jealousy and ego in relation to his human counterparts.

What’s also interesting is that the three preceding androids from the Aliens series were named Ash, Bishop, and Call. David — the most normal-sounding name of the bunch — follows the alphabet even though Prometheus is rumored to be a prequel to Alien. So definitely watch “Happy Birthday David,” which plays partly like a job interview and partly like a propaganda film. It’s yet another splendid piece of world-building that has us psyched for Prometheus‘ release on June 8, 2012.

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