We Hope That Playing Himself On 90210 Will Be Good For Nick Carter

Nick Carter 90210 guest star playing himselfEntertainment Weekly reports that former Backstreet Boy member Nick Carter will be the latest musical guest-star playing himself on The CW’s 90210, following in the footsteps of Kellie Pickler, Cobra Starship, and other performers of varying fame. After the show returns from hiatus, Nick will appear on the May 8th episode, when Naomi organizes a bachelorette party and it turns out that the bride had a major crush on Nick back when he was a boybander. (But honestly, who didn’t? He was always the cutest of the bunch.)

In the past decade, Nick has had a few cameos on shows like American Dreams and 8 Simple Rules, but we hope he can have fun playing himself on 90210. It’s hard to believe that less than three months ago his sister Leslie Carter died, possibly due to an addiction to prescription drugs, and the Carters were derided and in some cases blamed for her death. At the time, Nick declined to cancel his tour, saying, “Performing is cathartic to me.” He hasn’t had too much chance to poke fun at his own image, so maybe this guest spot will lift his spirits.

Plus, he’s just not looking that good lately. The above photo is from ONTD and makes us long for the days of Nick being the cute one from BSB and not having to worry about anything but learning the dance moves for his new video.

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    • Marianna

      Take away the unfortunate hairstyle, and the facial scruff, he actually looks better than he has in years. He is an extremely good looking man and is now in shape and healthy. I do wonder why he tries so hard to downplay his looks though. Did the 90210 part CALL for him to show up looking scruffy and a “disappointment” for the storyline?

    • Janelle

      Wow this article is rude! Where to start?

      Okay so Nick is still a “boy bander” as you probably didn’t properly research, BSB is still together, touring, and planning a new album. And I’d agree that he is my favorite, BUT they were all heart throbs and are still all attractive men. This isn’t NSYNC where Justin is the noted lead.

      Also, the way you wrote about Leslie’s death seemed harsh as well. Personally, if I were writing an article that Nick and his family could possibly read, I would make sure to be consoling. Actually, for the respect of anyone who has lost someone so close to them they should get a properly written tie in if it must be included.

      “Plus” I agree with Marianna, if he had a haircut he’d be hotter than ever! Have you seen the pictures from a few years ago that compare his fit body to that of his unfit, HOC (House of Carters) days? He is attractive!

      Sigh, another poor representation of all Nick has worked to achieve. Add some superficiality over his hair and a rude remark on how his family is to blame for his sisters death and here’s another poor piece too unworthy of even internet gossip.