Make It Or Break It: Gymnasts Have Momagers Too!

Things are heating up in the Make It Or Break It Training Center as Coach McIntire prepares the girls for the parents’ weekend exhibition. If you think our girls have drama, well you haven’t seen anything yet. KP hopes her crazy momager, Sheila, can just be a normal mom for the weekend which isn’t likely given her track record. Sheila gets into town and scams Coach into letting her stay at his house in exchange for a home-cooked meal because “all of the hotels were booked.” Um yeah right, Sheila. We know you’re plotting something.

What Sheila doesn’t know is that Coach invited Jordan to dinner as well because he feels badly for her since her foster parents won’t be coming to parents’ weekend. Kaylie is worried about playing referee with her divorced parents at dinner, so she invites Austin along as her buffer. Payson forces Lauren to make a doctor’s appointment and blows off lunch with her dad in order to go.

Lauren uses a fake ID under the name Rachel and goes through a few tests at the doctor’s office. We see her crying and can assume that something is actually wrong however, she lies to Payson and claims she has a potassium deficiency. Later, Payson has dinner with her dad and he tells her the family is moving back to Minnesota. When Lauren offers some sage advice, Payson figures out that she was lying about her illness. She calls the doctor’s office pretending to be Lauren, aka Rachel, and figures out what’s wrong.

Sheila is shocked when Coach walks into the house with Jordan, but tries to convince Coach that KP is the perfect team leader. After dinner she tries to bribe him to give KP a spot on the team with endorsement deals. We knew she was up to no good! Meanwhile, Kaylie and Austin are at dinner with her parents, and Austin becomes buddy-buddy with her dad. They start talking about Austin and Kaylie being the “golden couple,” and Kaylie freaks out. After dinner, he tells Kaylie he loves her, but she doesn’t say anything back. Kaylie’s parents end up getting drunk and having sex, which Kaylie finds out the next morning when she sees her dad in bed at her mom’s hotel room. Awkward.

At the exhibition, Payson confronts Lauren about her irregular heartbeat and tells her how much she cares about her. Fortunately, all of the girls perform perfectly at the exhibition. KP calls Sheila out for not being a real mom, and Coach turns down her bribe. Payson tells her dad that it’s right for the family to move back to Minnesota since they’ve given up so much for her, and says she wants to live with Lauren because they’ve become so close. Finally, Kaylie tells Austin that she loves him.

It looks like everything is going swimmingly for the Rock girls, but how long will that last? Will they all be this happy next week when someone goes home?

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