There’s A Lot Kathy Can Make Fun Of The Kardashians For, Calling Khloe Kardashian Fat Is Not One Of Them

Last night Kathy Griffin went on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson’s to discuss her upcoming talk show that’s premiering on Bravo this Thursday. At some point in the interview Kathy brought up a time that Kris Jenner showed up at a book party she was throwing for her friend. This immediately led Craig and Kathy to make fun of Khloe’s size and call her Godzilla and put a graphic on the screen of her looking like a he-man body builder.

Considering Khloe Kardashian’s not a he-man body builder or in any way related to Godzilla, this insult came out of nowhere and directly attacked her for her body. While I hate the Kardashians as much as the next person, I don’t think going for the easy joke makes Kathy look any wittier or any smarter. If anything it makes her look lazier.

If Khloe Kardashian constantly drew attention to other people’s body flaws and called other celebs  fat, then her body size would be fair game for comedians like Kathy.  But she doesn’t do that, so there’s really no reason for Kathy — a woman who’s openly struggled with her own body to the point where she got insane amount of plastic surgery — to make those kinds of jokes.

There’s a difference between being mean and being funny and I know it’s an easy line to cross, but I thought Kathy was better at towing it than the average hack comedian.

This is a family who hides nothing from the world (besides Kim’s divorce proceedings) and there’s so much great content to choose from when it comes to making jokes. Like the fact Kris Jenner thinks she’s a good mom. Or everything about Scott Disick.

So next time Kathy wants to make fun of the Kardashians, I hope she digs a little deeper and says something that’s actually funny.

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    • fergusonfan

      I just want to make sure that it’s what Kathy said that is critiqued not the actual presence of a graphic that is on a semi-regular rotation in Craig’s show. Craig has used that graphic multiple times in reference to Khloe Kardashian, it has a little audio bit that says” CHLOE SMASH” as well. I just hate to think that the appear of this graphic at that particular moment would be taken out of context.

      • FergonsfanCATS

        I know. It’s like this silly website didn’t bother to GET THE REAL INFORMATION. He always teases them bout being HAIRY not FAT. But then again this site isn’t that cool anyway. Last time I come here!

    • Fluffy

      I’m confused, when did they call Khloe fat? It seems like were commenting on her height (girl is tall especially in comparison to her short sisters) than her weight.