Happy Birthday to Hollywood’s Most Stylish And Least Stylish Mom: Jennifer Garner & Victoria Beckham

It’s hard to believe that there was only one kind of celebrity mom before Jennifer Garner and Victoria Beckham birthed children. That we accepted the fact that all celebrity mothers always looked like more glamourous versions of regular, non-famous mothers. That we ooed and awed over their fashion choices as if they mattered. Looking back now, it’s preposterous. But at the time, it’s all we had.

Then Victoria Beckham and Jennifer Garner emerged on the mommy scene. Victoria Beckham showed us that it was possible to raise four young children (Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz and Harper Seven) while wearing 19-inch stilletos. And Jennifer Garner proved to us that it’s acceptable to be photographed in the tabloids wearing mom jeans, sneakers and some kind of parka pullover. One outfits says I spent all morning playing with my babies (Violet, Seraphina and Samuel) and the other outfit says I spent all morning yelling at the wet nurse.

For every stylish choice Victoria Beckham made, Jennifer Garner made a practical one. Every time Victoria Beckham squeezed into a size zero dress, Jennifer Garner grabbed a sweatshirt and pulled her hair back into a ponytail. Neither mother is right and neither motehr is wrong. One mother just happens to be a style icon and the other mother happens to be Jennifer Garner.

They’re both married to beautiful men (hello David Beckham and Ben Affleck) and they both have beautiful children, so it’s fair to say they’re actually both winners.

So in honor of Jennifer Garner turning 40 today and Victoria Beckham turning 38, we’d like to showcase the two mothers and their contrasting  styles.

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    • Nin

      It also reflects in how they dress their children. Jennifer Garner’s kids look like real kids and I’m sure Harper will always be in beautiful no-play dresses.

      • Sarah!

        Haha I think that’s true. Check out in pic 8, her son is dressed like a high school guy but is carrying a teddy bear.

    • EKS

      JG looks like an approachable, hands-on mom – and friendly person in general – and VB looks…just…like none of those things.

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