The Zac Efron Face Morph Video Reveals His Awkward Stage

I keep surprising myself with how much I’m into Zac Efron these days. Just a few years ago I found him annoying and slightly feminine. Now I’m joining everyone else and jumping on Team Zefron in hopes he’ll do another nude photo shoot with a glass of orange juice.

So obviously finding this face morph video on Jezebel really got me all jazzed up. Until I watched it and rememebered just how awkward Zac was during his teenage years. It’s almost scary how quickly people can go from being a precious toddler to a teenager with a bad haircut to a hearthrob for middle-aged woman.

The only thing that makes watching this slightly creepy video is that you know he turns out okay. Really okay. So okay that you can make it through his 20-second awkward stage.

If only we all could shorten our personal teen awkward stages to just 20 seconds.

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    • Rich

      It’s somewhat reassuring to see that even he had an awkward stage.