Taylor Armstrong’s Life Continues To Get More Tragic

Taylor Armstrong’s not only getting phased out of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, but she’s also apparently a raging alcoholic.  While that may be a winning combination for a future reality show on VH1, it’s not the right recipe for continued reality star success. What good are the alcoholic screaming matches if Bravo’s cameras aren’t there to catch them.

Her concerned friends are speaking out about her alcohol abuse and claiming that the stress of being a single mother is really getting to her. While I think the stress of living a lie and conning Beverly Hills into thinking you’re descended from the Ford family probably did her in, I can’t say that conclusively.

Apparently this drinking problem started when her husband Russell was still alive. Which means she can’t blame it on his suicide last season year. A source “close” to the cast told Radar:

“Taylor has been relying on alcohol to cope with the suicide of her husband, Russell, and the stress of raising a child as a single mother. Viewers got a glimpse of her drinking last season on the show when she had an epic meltdown at Camille [Grammer's] Aspen mansion. Taylor got so intoxicated that she climbed into her suitcase. It was very scary for all of the ladies to witness…And that was before Russell killed himself. The fellow Housewives feel that Taylor needs to go to rehab to learn how to cope with the pressures of life without alcohol or any other substances. Taylor is in denial that she has a problem with booze. One of the reasons is why is because she is a paid spokesperson for Ciroc vodka. She earns about $100 thousand a year from that endorsement deal, and she is afraid that if she goes to rehab they will drop her.”

While I’m not sure if “getting into a suitcase” is a code word for something or that actually happened, I am sure that her endorsement deal with Ciroc Vodka will probably stop her from going to rehab. It’s not like Kennedy’s 50 billion dollar birthday parties pay for themselves.

But it’s probably in Taylor’s best interest to stop trying to be a reality star and start trying to get her life back on track. It sounds like she’s close to hitting rock bottom and as a single mom, she needs to pick herself up and pull it together.

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    • Jeannie

      The world is full of single mothers who manage to do a good job of raising their children without becoming drunks. This is just another Taylor excuse and a way for her to get back in the spotlight. I can’t watch this lying skank for even one episode of RHOBH so won’t be tuning in if her rubber lips appear even once on my tv screen.

    • Jaqui B.

      I have no sympathy for this disgusting woman. I don’t look at her like a victim. Her deceased husband was victimized, in my opinion. While few know what transpired in their lives, she comes across in an unpleasant way. I always had a purely visceral repulsion to het, even by her cartoon lips and skeletal body. That blond xray is symbolic of the vacuous values in our culture.

      I didn’t think she was a fit mum to begin with. Now we learn this nightmarish shrew is a drunk, too. I hope COS is on alert.