Kendall Jenner Needs To Put Her Clothes Back On, She Also Needs A Mom Who Cares Enough To Tell Her That

I know it’s cliche at this point to discuss Kris Jenner‘s incredibly questionable parenting decisions when it comes to her two younger daughters, Kendall Jenner and Kylie Jenner, but the photo shoots are getting increasingly worse. In a photoshoot for Flavor magazine, Kendall Jenner throws on a barely there bikini and poses provocatively for the camera.

Yes, 16-year-olds wear bikinis and yes 16-year-olds model all the time. But there’s something that seems so wrong for this 16-year-old to be selling her sexuality so openly at such a young age. Kendall Jenner’s only known because her older sister Kim Kardashian starred in a graphic sex tape years ago.

That one sex tape launched this family into the spotlight and they’ve never looked back. Kris Jenner remains hellbent on making sure she profits as much as possible off each of her daughters. While she can spin her role as a caring momager who practices tough love as much as she wants in interviews, I just don’t buy it.

Kris Jenner’s eyes are constantly on the bottom line and therefore they’re missing the more important line — the one she’s constantly crossing in her quest to monetize her children.

Kendall Jenner should not be posing provocatively in bikinis and shown off to the world. She shouldn’t be subjected to criticism and to older men’s sick fantasies. She should be going to high school full time, studying hard and trying to figure out how to have a career that doesn’t involve her family.

Thanks to Kim’s scandalous divorce with Kris Humphries, the Kardashian-Jenner brand name’s rapidly on the decline and it’s unlikely that being born into that family will go very far in a few years. Unfortunately the family’s so focused on living in the moment and pitching reality shows, that they’ve forgotten to look toward the future.

And right now that future looks pretty bleak for Kendall Jenner, a teenager who’s being taught that sex sells.

(Photos: Celebuzz)


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    • Reyo Tomblin

      at the end of the day the kardashian/jenner’s life is nothing to do with you!. kendall likes to model and wouldn’t do anything she didn’t truly want to do, these sorts of posts are what give girls her age worry’s about how they look. kendall goes to school and studies she’s not being deprived of anything in fact she’s being given opertunity’s many girls would love! she isn’t just famous because of her family, yes she may have had it easy getting to be a model but she’s a beautiful determined girl who will get very far in life unlike you who’s a nobody journalist/paparazzi. no back off and go bully another family.

    • lilliputian

      At the end of the day, the lives of the Kardashians/Jenners have nothing to do with you! Kendall likes to model and wouldn’t do anything she didn’t truly want to do, these sorts of posts are what give girls her age worries about how they look. Kendall goes to school and studies, she’s not being deprived of anything. In fact, she’s being given opportunities many girls would love! She isn’t just famous because of her family. Yes, she it might have been easy for her to become a model but she’s a beautiful, determined girl who will get very far in life, unlike you, who’ a nobody journalist. Now back off and go bully another family.
      You’re an idiot and I cannot express the amount to which I disagree with what you’re saying. This girl is a child and is being exploited by her family and the media. And if Kendall is in fact in school, I suggest you join her. Or at least proof read your posts.

    • Jon

      to be fair, sex DOES sell

    • Jackie

      I agree with the writer. lilliputian and Reyo seem to know each other since the comment is the same from both of them. An occasional photo shoot would not be so bad; however, why do they have to be in bathing suits and adult poses. Because sex sells and obviously Kris Jenner is selling her daughter out. She will flood the market with this girl until the public is sick of her…which by the way has already come for the family. I highly doubt she will go far in lilfe without getting an education. You would think her mother would encourage that instead but I guess she is not impressed with brains as much as money. She will say that she isn’t; but that is not what we see.

    • lilliputian93

      Sadly, my post was cut short. The reason it is similar to Reyo’s is because I felt compelled to try and raise the grammar standard on this comment board. I continued to say that I completely disagree with what she is saying and I feel like it is a damn shame that this child os being pimped out to the media by the pressures of her family, at an age when in many states she isn’t allowed to drive unaccompanied. I hope Kendall is able to take charge of her future, and even if modeling is what she wants to do, this is not the age at which she should be pursuing it.

    • MaliCal Toots

      Kendall is a lovely young girl, but not particularly unique. Airbrushing can do wonders for any girl that has access to it. If Kendall was not from a celebrity family, odds are she would not be a model at this time..if ever. It’s too bad her mother isn’t more concerned with her daughter’s education and development of a reputation of which she could be proud. The celebrity community in general avoids Kris Jenner, but she is so overbearing. Media principals cave to her publicity tactics because the biggest demographic for celebrity gossip is teens and tweens That’s where the money is. Journalistic integrity does not even part of the mix. The Kardashians represent anything but decency and
      class…and it’s clear the thinking public has tired of their narcissistic and greedy ways. Their popularity is dying out, it’s just taking longer because their are so many online mag rags using Kardashian stories to boost their bottom line. Talented A-listers don’t give quality interviews to these type media points. The Kardashians are just easy copy and paste.

    • Ana Carolina Ornelas

      Yeah, ’cause obviously, teenagers don’t have a sexuality, don’t have desires, don’t want to have sex and don’t have sex, right? Please, stop telling girls what they should or not wear, it’s ridiculous.

    • Anna

      In the modeling world to get a contract in NYC is incredibly difficult. I have worked as a scout and if I had scouted Kendall she may have gotten a contract with MC2, Factor, Major, or even Next or Elite. The fact that her family is well known absolutely helps her get a contract that much easier. She’s a commodity.

      Kendall is 5’11″-6’0″, very thin probably 33-24-35, long legs, she has good skin, good hair, and a good profile. No she is not incredibly unique looking, but not every successful model possess the high fashion “alien” look. She actually isn’t a bad model from what I’ve seen of her photographs. A lot of agencies are looking to find models that fit “types” that their clientele are looking for. She could easily be successful, provided she keeps her measurements, has a good attitude and creates good rapport with clients. She’s at the exact age that modeling agencies want to find new talent.

      She’s taking advantage of what she has been given. Nothing I’ve seen her do in photos looks scandalous. Perhaps not totally age appropriate, but for a model that kind of comes with the territory. Seems like this article is reaching or perhaps profitteering off that Kardashion clout.

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    • Guest

      If wearing a bathing suit is scandalous or inappropriate, I suggest you don’t hit up your local beach. Your eyes might bleed.