We Don’t Need A Twister Dance Remix, And We Don’t Need Britney Spears To Show Us [Updated]

Britney Spears Twister Dance commercial bullshit rock bottomUpdate: To all the commenters, here on Crushable and on Twitter who have reached out in defense of Britney—I don’t hate Britney. All I was trying to communicate is that I miss her old career.

Update #2: In case you didn’t want to wade through the 75 comments this post amassed, I’ve put together the most creative death threats I received since yesterday.

Britney Spears is trying to feed us a load of bullshit about how the Twister Dance is “an evolution for kids” that “brings their techniques to the next level,” but we know what this really is: Two has-beens collaborating to stay relevant.

Twister is one of those classic games that never gets old even and whose components don’t need updates. (Like the game of Tetris I play on my morning commute on my 1998 GameBoy Color. What point is there to getting a Nintendo DS when all that works fine?) You spin the wheel, you put your hands and feet on the corresponding colors, you get awkwardly tied up with your friends/coworkers/crushes/exes or whomever you’ve roped into this game. Simple as that.

But not in Britney’s world. With Twister Dance, you follow steps on a DVD and try to copy them on the mat. Which sounds like Just Dance or one of those follow-the-leader dance games, only half as fun.

There was no need for Hasbro to update Twister; instead, it comes across like they’re just trying to copy what’s hot out there. And honestly, the last few years haven’t done much to convince me that we need more Britney music… and I’m a diehard pop fan! This all just seems unnecessary.

You know what’s the most interesting part of this story? That Britney wore a $20,000 sports bra to the shoot. Sigh.

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    • AngelUnited

      You put in “has-beens” section this girl who won 200 million in the last 3 years touring? seriously? (0-o)
      maybe you are not a serious journalist and for that this kind of article- I apologize about this fan reaction WE are so obsesive about Britney so we are very cocky sometimes.
      Girl, Next time you need be more profesional :)

    • Stephen

      Has-been? That’s hilarious actually. Nice try. She is very much relevant, and actually more successful than ever. Be careful about what you say.

    • Xmond


      You can’t buy credebility, remember that. How dare you call Britney a “has-been” when her career would slay your entire fucking life?

      One piece of advice: GO KILL YOURSELF RIGHT NOW!

    • Caleb Marshall

      Missing her old career is one thing…but hating on her relevancy? That’s not even valid.
      She may not be the Slave 4 U Britney that we fell in love with…but her music has ALWAYS been trend setting, game changing and immensely popular. Her First single off of Femme Fatale inspired the entire dub step trend of 2011. Till The World Ends was a smash party anthem that everyone, even hardcore Britney haters, loved. So claiming that she is struggling to stay relevant makes you seem extremely uninformed and out of the loop.
      She may be a different performer now….but her music has only gotten better as the years progressed. Everyone STILL followers her lead 14 years later.

      • Annie

        My thoughts exactly.

      • Al

        Well Said!

      • Lexi

        Caleb- Thank you for making valid comments that actually relay facts rather than resulting to verbal attacks (and even death threats) on Natalie. You have every right to express your opinion and I agree with everything that you have stated. The other hateful comments are absolutely sickening and have nothing to do with Britney other than hiding behind false reasoning of “Britney’s Army” and a computer screen.

        “I think everybody should be pro love.”

        BRITNEY SPEARS, Dateline interview, June 15, 2006

        P.S. Nat, Britney’s Glee episode was pretty wonderful, you should check it out. :)

    • F.U.


    • Joshua Rennel

      I bet this author is about to have a suicide after receiving so much HATE from the BRITNEY ARMIES (PROUD TO BE ONE OF THEM)!!!!!I sincerely hope that the author of this article will DIE in an INSTANT!!!!

    • Derek

      She’s a superstar and an icon with a 2011 album called FEMME FATALE that debuted at #1 and spawned one #1 hit, a #1 hit collaboration with Rihanna, and two additional solo top ten hits from the album.

      Has been? As if. You’re obviously another pressed GaGa fan

    • brunolovesbrit

      Seriously, whoever wrote this article has no idea about who Britney Spears is!!!!!!!!
      Britney as a 17 years old girl has done more than this loser who wrote this thing will ever do in her life!
      Not hating, just saying!
      Ok, Thank, BYE!

    • Rohan

      Natalie Zutter is trying to feed us a load of bullshit. As a Britney fan I know you can fuck yourself. You really made fool of yourself in front of all Britney fans that all know better what Britney is all about.

    • Matt

      has-been? reeeaally? You might not like the twister dance idea, but saying she’s a has-been just makes you sound retarded… and you say the last few years haven’t made you want new Britney music? die-hard pop fan my ARSE!!

    • Amanda

      Apparently there are way too many Britney fans…relax. It’s an article.

      • Lou

        “Apparently there are way too many Britney fans” proves the point — the author labeling her as a has-been is completely off the mark.

        And then there’s her lame attempt to clarify her statement — that she was trying to communicate that she misses Britney’s old career. Rubbish. It’s a failed attempt at back-pedaling.

        Hate on Britney Spears all you want, but be prepared for the onslaught of justifiably defensive responses.

    • Maurice

      Miss Zutter,
      I don’t agree with violence. I just think that YOU as a writer should know MORE about what you write about.
      It’s HARD to call her ”a has been” when you really want to mean ”I miss the old career” so I guess you really wanted to say that.
      She has still number 1 hits all over the world, the fact that NEW artists are coming out everyday doesn’t mean she has been forgotten. Moreover, they could have picked Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber or another today’s artist but NO, they picked Britney Spears, OH! Why was that?
      Right! she’s still on road.
      Make sure next time to give people better articles.
      And sorry again for those crazy fans.

    • Kat

      “has been” and missing her old career are two TOTALLY different things. Call her a has been but since her breakdown she’s had both of her albums that have come out since then go #1… and she’s had the most radio plays in her entire career last summer… and she’s only gone on two world tours that might I mention almost all of the shows sold out… and her last tour had meet&greet tickets for $1000 that sold out in an hour… and she made the best music videos of 2011 last year… and won the Lifetime Achievement MTV award (that is rarely given out, mind you and only to people who have had a major influence on music)… and has a 14 year legendary career backing her up… and if it wasn’t for her album Blackout, music would not sound even close to what it is today as that album had a HUGE influence on pop music… k I think I made my point now.

      BTW a lot of these death threats probably aren’t even Britney stans and probably haters trying to make us look bad. Just sayin. But yeah, you did insult the biggest popstar of our generation soo umm you couldn’t have not expected no insults tbh.

    • Tomas

      Sweetie Britney Spears is a queen. Please show some respect next time you want to write an article…mmmk

    • Amanda

      To clarify; when I said “Apparently there are too many Britney fans”, I meant there are TOO MANY. As in there shouldn’t be that many. Because she is a has-been whom no one really takes seriously anymore…but all of these “die-hard Britney fan” comments are pretty funny. I didn’t know so many people were completely deluded.

    • Britneyfan


    • Britneyfan

      I may have been too excessive. I don’t wanna be responsable of somebody’s suicide.

      Sorry but your article was just not correct.


    • sasha

      u fat hoe,say britney again and u will regret it

    • Jovan

      Dear Natalie,

      First of all, let me get one thing straight- Britney is NOT a has been by any means and by any definition of that word. As a self-proclaimed huge pop fan (and I won’t even bother to check your other articles based on this one to evaluate that statement), you should know better than using a “has-been” term next to Btitney’s name. In fact, you should be aware that your attempt to clarify the situation by saying that you meant that she is not as big as she used to be, actually shows your inability to express yourself in a clear way. Meaning- why should anybody bother to read your stuff if you fail to get your point across. And for the record, I am not buying that excuse- it is quite clear that you wanted to hate on Britney, for whatever reason. Biased journalism, especially when trying to sound objective (by stating how huge fan of pop culture you are) and with malicious tone (as in the article you wrote) is not gonna get you very far in the future. I don’t know you personally, but from reading this article the only impression I have is that you are just a hater- and not a very good informed one… I am all for peace and against hiding behind internet when expressing hate, so I can’t and won’t support or justify the death threats and profane language by some of my fellow Britney fans. At the same time, you should understand that karma always gets back to people, and yours got to you. You got a huge number of hits on your page this time, and for some time people will be coming back to see if you’re still hating on Britney, but on the long run you’ll have to deal with lost credibility, biased journalism, lack of information etc. I think that you should be worried about those things, not a few comments by people who, though ill mannered, are acting out of huge love for the person they really care about.