Sarah Silverman’s Abortion Joke Proves She’s Still Awesome

While I don’t always find the comedian Sarah Silverman funny, I always respect her for saying what she thinks and standing up for her beliefs. Yesterday she tweeted out a “before and after  abortion photo” of herself with the caption,”Got a quickie aborsh in case R v W gets overturned.”

She obviously did not really get an abortion and those photos are obviously not really before and after an abortion, but she makes a point about this ongoing republican war on women with one tweet. One simple tweet that gets right to the point. Everyday our rights as women are being taken away by increasingly scary state legislation that restricts our reproductive choices.

While the war on women’s certainly getting media attention, it’s not getting enough considering just how the big the impact will be on the American public. More celebrities need to stand up, say something (or tweet something) and draw attention to what’s happening in this country. It’s important enough to risk losing some fans to make a difference and use their celebrity powers for good.

This isn’t the first time Sarah Silverman’s done just that. In the last election she created a funny video about convincing your Jewish grandparents to vote for Obama.

Here’s to hoping more female celebrities are brave enough follow her lead and speak up for what’s right.

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    • Lisa

      Good for Sarah Silverman. It’s time everyone stop tip-toeing around this and acting like abortion is a bad word.

      • Lisaisafuktard

        Are you freaking kidding me?
        Abortion – the deliberate termination of a human pregnancy, most often performed during the first 28 weeks.
        That’s the definition of abortion directly from google. You find that funny? What’s wrong with you? Let kill babies hahaha, it’s so freaking funny!
        Are you sure you’re not retarded?

        This is about as funny and watching someone burn to death. If you think this is a good joke there is something wrong with you, seriously get your head checked. You clearly have no empathy towards people who have lost children through miscarriage and those who have had an abortion. WOW just, WOW, lost my faith in humanity right there. I can’t even tell if you’re just stupid or mentally unstable.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        You need to watch your language.

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    • Janet

      Sorry, but as a women who has suffered a miscarriage I find this “joke” to be incredibly poor taste and deeply insensitive. Just saying.

    • Jen

      As a woman who had a miscarriage and whose sole regret is not having had an abortion – which would have been far less physically gruelling – I find this to be hilarious.

      • RoccoRolo

        Jen — Sorry that your humanity and conscience and empathy toward life have all been beaten down so badly. That truly, truly is a tragic and terrible thing.

      • Onideous M

        Jen, you sound like an ass. I have known people to have had abortions and it is both terrifying and emotional. It’s not an easy thing for people to do. One woman I knew was balling her eyes out after the procedure …and it still haunts her to this day. You must have the emotions and feelings of a rock. Your comment does not make you “great” or liberated but makes you look like a mindless clusterfuck!

    • Tim

      Joking about killing a baby is not funny at all. This makes you proud? Let’s assume she really did get an abortion, and that the baby was a girl. Now who is really fighting a war against women? Those that oppose abortion, or those that support a practice that has ended the lives of 25 million little women since 1973? Abortion isn’t a bad word. It’s the greatest atrocity in human history. There is no difference between a baby in the womb and a newborn, except size and location, but we all know instinctively that killing a newborn baby is sickeningly evil. Please open your eyes and see the truth.

      • Pat

        Mister Timothy, let me break down your argument for you. First, it is not a baby, it is a fetus. It is not a person yet. This is not a matter of opinion, it is a fact. They are part of the woman’s body until it is born. The line between a fetus and a baby is that a baby can actually breathe air and fetus is another organ of the female body. Also this war against women argument is stupid, because you want to invalidate the rights of all women to protect the save fetuses that the world is not prepared for. Also those that supported abortion has ended countless lives and abortion has been around forever. Its just been legal for a small time. The reason abortion is legal is to provide women with a safe place to go to dispose of their fetus, so you know, they don’t kill themselves trying to abort the thing. Abortion is the greatest tragedy in the world, before what? Ethnic Cleansing, Rape, The Nazis, Nickelback? Ah your next point is where i have the most fun. Did you know that every vertebrate fetus looks the same until a certain point? Yeah we all look like disgusting tadpoles for certain period of time. Also the location of a baby and a fetus is what separates them. I don’t know inside of a persons body and outside in a crib are two very different things for me. Also instinctively hamsters eat their own babies, rabbits eat their own poop, and that you are not educated. Adjective, Adjective, Appeal to flawed reasoning. Done. Well then, thank you for coming out

      • Miguel

        Tim 1 – Pat 0

      • RoccoRolo

        @ Pat posting below — does it make you sad that your entire “counter-argument” is based on some really flimsy and simplistic circular-logic, a lot of flailing and tedious talking-points, and a really terribly obvious detachment from reality and morality?

        Doesn’t that tell you, maybe, that you may not have a moral, logical, or intellectual leg to stand on?

      • RoccoRolo

        Correction: previous reply was for Pat posting ABOVE. The rest stands.

    • Kate

      Um, pro-life or pro-choice, abortion still is an awful thing.. and it’s a tough choice for a woman to make. By the way, Silverman’s “joke” is not brave, it’s fucking awful.

    • steve

      f uk what people think,good job silverman!!!!!

    • Ross

      Ha ha. That’s very funny. Ending the existence of a new human. I don’t know when I ever laughed so hard. Sarah, you must be very proud of this very, very funny joke.

    • mike glasser

      did you ever notice that all the people who support abortion, are the ones that have already been born ?

    • Mumzmi

      Thats what bothers me about abortion some people act like its nothing. Like oh I’ll just go get one if I get pregnant. Meanwhile they don’t do anything to prevent getting pregnant they’d rather not worry about it then go for a quick aborsh later.

    • ray

      oh you go girl! way to support womens rights. unless the baby in you is a female, then that kinda goes against womens rights. and human rights. oh well! to todays modern liberal, a fetus is like a cancer or an insect, that can be removed from the body or stepped on with a shoe and killed, excuse me…terminated. very progressive of you! you’re so hilarious! even more funny is your support of obama, but that’s another story

    • RoccoRolo

      A B-list minor celebrity whose standard identification is as Jimmy Kimmel’s ex-girlfriend, trying to manufacture humor out of what is at best a grisly and morbid procedure — all to pander to those who think there’s a “Republican war on women” because some women may have to pay as much as five or ten bucks a month (gasp!) for birth control; an intelligence-insulting obfuscation issue spawned from out of nowhere by the likes George Stephanopoulos and Obama trying to force Catholics to go against the rudiments of their faith.

      Yeah, that’s some “cutting-edge” humor there.

      • Jake Cuntsley

        What part of grown men penetrating young boys body orifices is a fundamental of the Catholic faith? Yeah, didn’t think so.

        Oh, and FYI, most Catholics use birth control, DESPITE what the old Nazi in the Vatican says.

      • Dr Tanqueray

        Jake with the *crafty*surname: you’re right in your snarky answer, grown men penetrating young boys in every orifice has absolutely nothing to do with the Catholic faith. It has everything to do with being a homosexual, pure and simple, and not to mention a pedophile to boot.
        And what does it matter if most Catholics don’t practice birth control? They’re really Catholic in name only just like Obama is President in name only.
        Too bad I’ll never know your true identity (unless that really is your name which explains your aimless vitriol); otherwise, I would love to go a couple of rounds with you as I re-arrange your smug little puss.

    • Kayt

      “Keep your laws off my body” huh?

      Too bad you liberals won’t apply that principle to Obamacare…

    • jc

      No one cares what you do with your body…but once that obama care bill passes :D :D (which bush helped put into place) none of this will matter anymore :). You don’t want healthcare? ok you go to jail now. You want healthcare? pay the insurance companies hundreds more per month or you can get this free healthcare that tells the doctors which operations can be performed at their choice.

    • rob

      Where are the before and after fetus pics!!

    • Lisaisafuktard

      I love how this person just assumes that this is what Silvermen was talking about.