New Magic Mike Photo Contains A Disappointing Amount Of Clothing

Magic Mike new photo velour costumes thongs

We’re psyched that Warner Bros has released another photo from Steven Soderbergh‘s stripper movie — it never gets old to say – Magic Mike, but it’s not quite what we expected. Where are all the thongs? After all the set photos of the movie’s shirtless stars, you would expect that every promotional shot leading up to the first trailer, and then the summer release, would star their rippling, waxed chests. After all, when your movie is based on Channing Tatum‘s former life as a stripper and he looked like this…

Channing Tatum stripper .gif Magic Mike

…you expect some accuracy from the costume department.

Really, I’m kidding. It’s a lot of fun just to see the costumes for this film, which promise to be outrageous: Past shots have included Matthew McConaughey as (shirtless) Uncle Sam and Channing in training fatigues. Plus, Wendi McLendon-Covey recently hinted at what other ridiculous looks we can expect. Even though she also missed out on the nude scenes, it wasn’t all bad:

“But I got to be there on days when they were fitting the guys with their wigs and creating their looks—which are lusciously funny without meaning to be. To me the movie is going to be like Boogie Nights, in that they’re encompassed in this word and they don’t see anything outside of this world. And they just live for that. So it’s intentionally funny.”

But for now, we’ll enjoy Matt Bomer – look at that fierce concentration! — Channing, Adam Rodriguez, and Joe Manganiello strutting their stuff in velour and leather.

Photo: Claudette Barius/Warner Bros

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