A Million Girls Will Cry For Josh Hutcherson When They Hear His Depressing Prom Memory

Our poor boy Josh Hutcherson sure is having a rough week when it comes to interviews. First Jay Leno embarrassed him on national TV for not being a pro-athlete, then Clevver TV posted an interview with him where he shares his super-depressing prom memories. Can we at least wait until The Hunger Games isn’t in theaters before we start ruining his life?

Last year J. Hutch spoke to Clevver TV about his movie Detention and revealed that his prom didn’t exactly live up to movie expectations. Or even real life expectations. That’s because our child actor went to a prom for home-schooled kids. Which I guess makes sense because Josh was too busy making movies to attend a regular high school.

The story’s so sad and Josh Hutcherson’s so hot right now, that they reposted the interview yesterday so everyone can see it.( They also kind of mixed up the timing details in this clip so I’m not 100% sure when this interview happened, but I’m going to guess it’s from around the time that Detention came out in 2011.)

While his high school home-schooled prom may bring back awkward memories, I’m sure a million girls (and women) around the world would gladly take him to their prom to make up for it. In fact I’m sure a million girls would go all Hunger Games on their classmates to fight for the chance to take him.

They would probably just insist he show up to the dance wearing a tuxedo that smells of freshly baked bread.  And that seems like a fair trade for Josh to get to go to a normal prom.


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    • Corissia

      That’s a false stereotype. I was homeschooled and knew/know many others, most homeschooled kids have completely normal social skills. Yes, there are some, but from what I’ve seen, public schooled kids aren’t exempt from the same lack. I’ve known kids who public school did no favors for, kids who were scarred by the experience. The problem is, only the socially deficit kids draw your attention, the normal ones you don’t even think about their schooling situation. Furthermore, I’d bet you have more homeschooled kids around you than you think.

      How is it that some kids have poor social skills and we just accept that they struggle with that without it having any connection to public schooling? Stereotype. When it comes down to the facts, most people grow up fine with enough skills to get by, regardless of whether their teacher had the same last name or not. Both schooling experiences have an equal percentage of people who do not, but one gets defined by it.

    • Corissia

      I won’t cry for him, because I’d bet when you go into a situation expecting everyone to be socially awkward, you end up acting like a jerk.

      I went to prom with my public schooled boyfriend, there were awkward people there too. Prom gets too much hype I think.

      • Cate

        I have to agree with you, I suspect that he just went into it expecting Awkwardfest 20-whenever-his-prom-was and acted like a superior douchebag.
        I was homeschooled too, for all of grammar school and all but one year of high school. When I did finally get to public school I was surprised to find that I had superior social skills to most of my classmates and in my knowledge of homeschooled people it doesn’t seem as if my experience is terribly unique. I don’t understand why the stereotype of homeschoolers being unusually awkward endures so stubbornly, but it really needs to go. We can be sparkling and witty with the best of them!