Disney’s New Show Dog With A Blog Shows Just How Little Disney Thinks About Bloggers

Today The Disney Channel announced they’re launching an incredibly offensive new show called Dog With A Blog. As a human being with a blog, I find this to be demeaning, dehumanizing and degrading. Never in my life have I been so insulted by a children’s show. But then again, never in my life has a “children’s show” used a dog to make a mockery of my entire career.

Which thanks to everyone with a blogpost  already verges on a mockery. Just when I finally convinced people that bloggers do make money and they do live in homes with four walls and a roof, this show comes along and knocks us all the way back to 2004 when people were still using Xanga.

The press release, which I so rudely received uninvited today in my inbox, says the show’s produced by Emmy-award winning producer Michael B. Kaplan and revolves around a blogging dog that talks. Not only is the following paragraph utterly ridiculous, but it’s not based on any kind of scientific fact. (Mainly, the fact that we all know a dog could never be trusted to remember his WordPress password.)

A family sitcom from the pet’s point-of-view, it centers on step-siblings whose parents buy them a dog to encourage them to get along. That happens – to some extent – as brother and sister discover a big secret about their family’s latest addition… that the dog can talk AND blog. The series will introduce a talented cast, among them, Disney Channel’s next big star: a four year-old, mixed breed named Kuma in the role of Stan, the talking dog with a blog.

Let me be very clear when I say that a dog could not do my job. I know, because I have a dog and he never once has offered up a good lead, a quality story or a unique angle. He can barely make it outside to the bathroom in the morning.

I, on the other hand, can hold it. Which makes me better than a dog and more suited for a job in blogging. For that and any many more reasons (like opposable thumbs, duh), I am a blogger and my dog is a dog.

I eagerly await Disney’s apology to the entire professional blogging community.

P.S – Spellcheck, you’re not helping my argument by putting your squiggly red line under the word blogger.

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    • XX.

      Um, its a kids show? So, calm down. They make kids shows about construction workers, builders, singers, doctors, nurses, nannies, etc. So i’m not exactly sure why you find this “offensive” or ‘dehumanizing”. The dog can talk too, and you know what, you do that too, regularly, so why don’t you find THAT “incredibly offensive” too? Stop taking things so seriously.

    • NotThumper

      Ummm I don’t think it’s the dog making you look bad….

    • msborgia

      I’m pretty sure this is supposed to be tongue-in-cheek. However, it’s not particularly successful.

      • M -


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    • Matt

      Calm down. It’s a kids/family show. A SHOW! TV! It’s not real!

    • Adie

      I think by blogging this, you have made yourself look like an idiot, no Disney and not the blogging Dog. You’re an idiot.

    • Rebekah

      It’s JUST a show on Disney Channel. And Disney does have some gaps in their show plots. But, I’m saying IT IS JUST A SHOW GET OVER IT.

    • Rebekah

      Are you TRYING to make yourself look bad?!